The Peaceful Nursery

Preparing Your Home for Your Baby with Feng Shui

“Parenthood is a life-changing and certainly sleep-changing event, but a new book (The Peaceful Nursery) suggests ways to help minimize the disruption and disorganization of the first few weeks and beyond.”

– Washington Post
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Through stylish photographs and practical, easy-to-understand design tips, home and lifestyle experts Laura Forbes Carlin and Alison Forbes show expectant parents how – by applying principles gleaned from interior design, Feng Shui, healthy, green living and their own parenting experience – they can:

  • Create a balanced and peaceful nursery
  • Make healthy, earth-conscious choices when selecting paint, fabric, toys and furniture
  • Enjoy the practical and emotional benefits of a streamlined and clutter-free home
  • Set up a nursery that encourages good sleep for their baby
  • Prepare and organize nursing, changing, bathing, sleeping and play areas
  • And many more helpful step-by-step guidelines for creating a nursery that will nurture their baby’s mind, body, and spirit – as well as their own – during their transition into parenthood



“With the help of The Peaceful Nursery, create a serene sanctuary that’s warm, inviting, and healthy. We think that sounds like the perfect way to decorate."

- ePregnancy


“A physical and emotional how-to that helps parents create nurturing nurseries for their new additions… Complete with color illustrations and helpful diagrams, this is far more than a decorating book—it’s a total blueprint for the most important room in a new parent’s home”

-Kirkus Reviews


"A book that gives equal weight to both the practical and the mystical.  A guide to setting up a nursery comes with handy checklists of to-do’s like how to arrange furniture and set-up play areas as well Feng Shui tips.”



A Letter from the Authors

When Laura learned she was expecting her first child, she soon began preparing her home for her baby’s arrival. She started decorating and arranging her house by applying our “Life Design” techniques to create a comfortable, healthy and beautiful room for her son, as well as an organized home that would best support her and her husband’s transition into parenthood.

The importance of creating a healthy, green nursery hit home for Laura when she visited a closet where she was storing many of the new furnishings, toys and linens she had bought for her son. When she opened the door she was overwhelmed by a horrible, chemical odor. Her first thought was that her husband had spilled paint thinner in the closet when painting the room. However, she soon discovered the smell was the result of toxic fumes being emitted by the baby’s new furniture, toys and mattress. Common sense told her the fumes couldn’t be good for a newborn, so she began doing some research. Her research confirmed her suspicions and inspired her mission to create a healthy, earth-friendly nursery.

Little did we know just how much time and research creating a green nursery would require! Even with Alison’s help, it took months to find healthy, green (and stylish!) versions of everything she would need—from a PVC-free bathing tub to organic wool puddle pads to fragrance-free diaper creams, to a solid wood crib with a non-toxic finish.

Laura learned firsthand how overwhelmed new parents can be by the amount of stuff they’re told they need just to care for their baby, and when she added on any attempts to be green and healthy this feeling just grew exponentially!

Realizing just how time-consuming and confusing the process can be for new parents, inspired us to write our book, The Peaceful Nursery, and create our nursery consultations.

We hope our experience and research remove any stress from the process and make creating a nursery an enjoyable, special time for you and your family.

- Laura & Alison


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