Your Home Could Be the Key to Manifesting Your New Year’s Intentions

manifesting Jan 14, 2022
manifest new year's intentions

How to Use your Home to Manifest Your Dreams

Often when we are looking to make a change in our life or manifest a goal or realize a dream, we start by looking outside ourselves and outside of our homes. We might turn to a teacher, attend a lecture, find a mentor, download an app, or even go to a retreat. And while these offerings are very helpful, one of your most powerful resources for transformation is closer than you realize—your very own home. In fact, it is challenging (if not impossible) to have sustainable and lasting change without utilizing your home.

Have you had the experience of going on vacation or retreat or even attending a lecture or class and while there you were inspired! Your energy was uplifted! You effortlessly grasped a new idea or easily embraced a new habit—maybe you started a new exercise routine, changed your diet, or started working on a new project. And then the retreat/vacation/class ended and you came back home and what happened? During the course of the next few days or weeks, the new ideas started to elude you, the good feelings and inspiration faded, and you returned to your old routines and slipped back into old habits. This often happens because you may have changed when you were away, but your home did not. Your home is still reflecting who you were before, anchoring your old patterns and beliefs, and vibrating with an energy that is no longer in alignment with your new self.

If you want to change your life you need to change the place that is at the center of your everyday living.

Your home is influencing how you think, feel and act; therefore your home is shaping all aspects of your wellbeing—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual—and all areas of your life including your health, wealth, relationships, and career.

Your home mirrors your life and reflects your consciousness. Think for a moment about your home, or take a look around. What adjectives would you use to describe your home? Are these adjectives describing you, your life, or a part of your life? More importantly, are these words describing the person you want to be and the life you want to live?

If you want to change your story, change the story your home is telling.

Live in a home that looks and feels the life you want to live. We call this living as if—living as if your dreams have already come true or your goal has been realized. That can be very hard to do when you are living in a home that does not reflect and support your dreams and goals, or even worse, re-enforces feelings of lack and scarcity. But when you live as if you will feel the feelings you are trying to realize, which will help you attract and make choices that support your dreams and goals.

For example, if you desire more abundance in your life, check in with your home and see if your surroundings look abundant and make you feel prosperous? Or, perhaps you are surrounded by things that are not in working order, cluttered, torn, or shabby?

If you want a relationship, check to see if your home is a welcoming retreat for two—can two people comfortably get in the bed, or is the bed pushed up against a wall? Are there two bedside tables and two reading lamps? Is there a place to eat for you and a partner?

If your goal is optimal health, consider whether your home supports and reflects this goal. Is your kitchen clutter-free with pots and pans in easy reach making it easy to prepare healthful meals? Do you love your workout gear and clothes—are they organized and accessible? Do the images in your home, such as photos of yourself, depict you looking healthy, happy, and thriving?

The qualities that you bring to your homes will be the same qualities you see reflected in your life.

Once you understand this connection between your home and your life you can make simple changes in your home to allow your home to be an incredible source of support, a wellspring of joy, place of inspiration, and tool for transformation.

One of the reasons we love using your home as a tool for transformation is because our homes offer such a clear reflection of our life. And once we understand and see the reflection, we get to do something immediate and tangible—we can make a physical change in our home. We can let go of an item that is not loved, rearrange our furniture, make space for our current passions, group together loved objects to create a focal point of inspiration and source of positive energy.  Most of the time these changes do not cost any money and the results are often immediate. Right away we are changing the energy in our space and we feel better. And soon thereafter we may see a corresponding life change. The things we desire manifest.

Begin with these 3 steps:

  1. Clarify: write your intentions
  2. Create: make a physical intention
  3. Celebrate: live the dream

Step 1: Clarify

Write your intentions: In order to get what you want, you first need to know what it is you want. This sounds obvious, but often we may find that when we take a deeper look at our intentions, we discover we feel ambivalent about our dreams—even if the dream is something really positive. One of the best ways to find out how clear you may or may not be, and to achieve clarity if needed, is to write your intentions. Make sure your intentions are written in the affirmative and present tense. For example, I am joyfully and gratefully celebrating financial prosperity. When you write it, do believe it? Affirmations need to be at least 70% believable to you.

Step 2: Create

Make a physical intention in your home. A physical intention is an object or art that reflects and anchors your dream or goal in your home. For example, if you want a romantic relationship you might place a piece of art in your bedroom that depicts two lovers, or place an inspiring love story and a romantic candle by your bed. If you desire more prosperity in your life, you might dedicate a bookshelf in your office to books written by or about successful people you admire. Physical intentions are personal—what represents wealth or romance, or inspires feelings of abundance or love, will vary from person to person. All that matters is that it makes you feel love or prosperous.

A physical intention in your home is changing the energy in your environment and therefore changing your energy. Each time you walk by and see this display of your dreams you will be reminded of your goals. You are placing your attention on your intention. Also, you will get an emotional charge. These physical intentions should inspire the feeling of what it is you desire. You will begin to feel and align with the vibration of what it is you desire. The fastest way to manifest abundance is to feel abundant, the quickest path to love is to feel in love… and so forth.

 Step 3: Celebrate

Live your dream by making sure your home supports actions steps that further your goals and helps you act and behave as if what you desire is already yours. Sometimes living the dream involves making very small, practical changes in your home to support your intentions. If you want to be a writer, make sure you have a desk or space in your home where you can write quietly and uninterrupted. If you want to manifest a job where you work from home, create a home office. If you’re looking for more peace in your life, remove the television and electronics from the bedroom. If your goal is to eat healthier and exercise, you might keep healthy recipes easily accessible, clear the pantry of junk food, create a workout space or leave your gym bag by your bed, so you see it first thing in the morning. Make it easy for yourself to take that first action step.

Consider that sometimes you may also need to undo negative routines or physical objects anchoring old thoughts and beliefs in our homes. For example, we had a client who wanted to find a relationship, but she still had her ex-fiancé’s clothes in her closet and kept his love letters by her bedside, periodically reading them for comfort before going to sleep. First, she needed to undo this pattern by making space for a new relationship by giving back the clothes and focusing on self-love by replacing the letters with inspirational books to read before bed.

Our homes reflect our consciousness, anchor our behaviors, and are energetic extensions of our physical being. It can be challenging to change if we are looking at a reflection that does not represent our ideals—or we are living in an environment that supports habitual negative patterns, or a space that vibrationally is not a match for how we want to feel every day. However, when we create a space that is filled with things we love, reflects our goals, and supports our best actions we are mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally aligned with what it is we desire.

The second part of celebrating is to start living the dream—to act as if what we desire is already ours. If you want to be a writer, write at home!

If your goal is prosperity live prosperously at home. You may be thinking, how do I prosperously if I don’t have the budget to do so right now? Well, for example, if living prosperously to you means traveling, but you can’t afford to travel right now—think about what it is about traveling that makes you feel prosperous? Is it the freedom to explore new places? Then find travel videos you can watch or place books or magazines about exotic places by your bed. Is it tasting new foods? Then try new recipes and cook new, delicious meals at home? Is it staying in a luxurious hotel? Then try sleeping on silky sheets or surrounding your bathtub with candles.

Keep in mind that even simple changes can make a difference. If you desire more love, but it is not in your budget to makeover your bedroom, you can still shift the energy and get results by making small changes, such as creating a focal point of cherished items grouped together on your bedside table that inspire feelings of love. Just this one inspiring focal point will keep your thoughts and emotions where they need to be so that you can draw the next love-filled thing into your life.

The most graceful path to manifesting what it is we desire in our life is to appreciate every good moment in our life.

A home filled only with the things you love that bring you joy is more than enough to lift the energy in your home and inside of yourself.  When we add our active appreciation of these loved objects and express gratitude for our home, we create even more love and joy, and the positive vibration expands attracting what it is we desire.

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