Where Your Attention Goes, Energy Flows

manifesting Mar 16, 2024


There is an expression “where your attention goes, energy flows.” Essentially, what you choose to concentrate on tends to receive more of your mental and emotional energy, thereby influencing your actions, behaviors, and outcomes.

This concept emphasizes the importance of consciously directing your attention towards things that align with your goals and values, as it can significantly impact your life and the goals you achieve. By understanding where you put your attention, you can better manage your energy and focus on what truly matters to you. 

How is your home supporting, or undermining, what you place your attention on?

Take a moment to walk into a room in your home and track your eye movement—where does your attention go?

Next time you come home, pay attention to what catches your gaze when you first walk in your front door.

You want make sure that whatever is catching your attention, is in alignment with your goals and supports the feelings you want to experience in your home and life.

For example, if you walk in the door and your attention goes to a favorite piece of artwork that makes you happy,  your spirits will be lifted. On the other hand, if your attention is immediately drawn to something that’s in disrepair that you’ve been meaning to fix, that may make you feel bad. And what captures your attention may also be influencing your behavior. For instance, if you walk in the front door and your eye is instantly drawn to the kitchen, you may start thinking about eating as soon as you come home or if you’re looking at the TV you may want to turn it on right away—this may not be ideal if you’re trying to lose weight or encourage your kids to watch less TV.

When we walk into our homes, we want our attention (and energy) to be drawn to something that lifts our spirits. Or, if you don't have one focal point, we want our homes to gently meander through the space. When our gaze lightly moves from one inspiring and beautiful object or point of interest to the next, we can think of this as grace touching all parts of our home and life.

Below are simple solutions for common “blocks” or challenges that may stop your gaze and energy from smoothly flowing through your home. By balancing and removing these obstacles you will see how your room, and life, transform.

– Too much stuff: If there is too much stuff in the room the energy is scattered and you will be overwhelmed. Your eye, and your mind, can't rest. In this case there are too many things grabbing your attention and you can’t focus on any one thing. If you've already decluttered and you still have a lot of stuff, then edit down or group together similar objects in baskets or on shelves to cut down on the visual clutter.

– A view that does not support your intentions: Using our previous example, if you’re trying to lose weight and you walk in your home and your view is the kitchen or your refrigerator, you may try placing a plant or object on the counter to move your gaze in another direction. Orchids are wonderful for gently directing our gaze in the direction the flowers point without feeling like an obstacle or block.

– Furniture blocking your path into a room: Walking into the back of a sofa is not welcoming. Would you ever greet someone with your back toward them? Yet, this is how it feels when we walk into a room and face the back of a sofa. It's not inviting for people or energy. Try moving furniture to welcome someone (and yourself!) into the space.

– Television as a focal point: If the purpose of the room is solely to watch TV this arrangement is suitable. However, if the room should serve other purposes such as “together” time with family or friends or relaxation you should not make the television a focal point, as TVs tend to monopolize our attention, even when they are turned off. Reorient furniture so it is not solely facing the television. Consider placing the TV in a cabinet or screen it off when not in use. At the very least place art above the television or a plant next to it, so there is an additional focal point.

– Column or sharp angle/corner: Walking into a room and being confronted by a sharp corner or column blocks the energy and makes us feel uncomfortable. Place a plant in front of the column or in a corner to soften the sharp angles. Bringing nature into a room is also harmonizing and relaxing.

– Wall too close: If you enter a room or your home and are immediately facing a wall, the energy doesn’t flow and you feel blocked. In your life this can lead to a feeling of being blocked or always “facing a brick wall.” Place a large mirror on the wall to open up the space or choose artwork with a sense of perspective and depth.

 Try these tips to create a focal point in your home that supports your goals and dreams!

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