Three Practices to Make Decluttering Easier 

clutter clearing Feb 16, 2024


Decluttering can be challenging. Our stuff is not just stuff– physical clutter is emotional clutter. Attached to our things are memories, emotions, and beliefs. All of this can make it difficult to let go. 

 Here are 3 key practices to to make decluttering easier: 

1. Gratitude

Organizing expert Marie Kondo suggests a wonderful way to let go of the things in your life that are no longer loved or useful. She recommends thanking each item you choose to let go of, out loud. You can be grateful for how the item served you, grateful for the person who gave them to you, or grateful that you have prosperity in your life and were able to afford this stuff. You can also be grateful to these items for showing you what no longer works in your life.

When you express gratitude, you shift from your head to your heart. When we’re “in our heads” we might judge ourselves for having clutter, or being disorganized, or wasting money. Gratitude helps us move from judgment to self-love.


Send your items off with the intention that they serve someone else. You can do this on an energetic and practical level. Similar to expressing gratitude, a simple blessing such as, “May this item be used in loving service for the highest good of all concerned,” will move you out of any judgment and into your heart. 

On a practical level you can ensure that your item has a greater chance of finding a new home by being mindful of how you donate. Donating items with intention includes making sure items are clean and in good repair; including directions that came with the item if you still have them; helping thrift stores by separating different categories of items into separate bags; and looking for organizations that have a need for your particular items.  


3. Put your attention on what you are keeping.

In her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,* Marie Kondo shares an epiphany: she realizes that she needs to focus on what she is keeping, rather than looking for items she can discard. This speaks to a fundamental principle of manifestation. In order to manifest a goal we need to place our attention on what we desire, as opposed to the absence of our desire. If we keep placing on our attention on clutter– guess what? We will keep experiencing clutter and dissatisfaction with our homes. However, if we place our attention on all the things that we have chosen to keep– the cherished and beautiful items that inspire love– then we experience more joy and peace in our homes.

Focusing on the things you choose to keep– the loved and useful items– also moves you into a heart centered place where it is easy to feel the abundance in your life and therefore makes it much easier to let go of the things that no longer serve you and your vision for your ideal life. 

These three practices not only make the final step of donating and disposing our items much easier, they also allow us to enjoy the benefits of clutter clearing so much more.

The goal of decluttering is to free up space in our homes, our lives, and our psyches. If we are judging and fearful when we let go, we often won’t experience that lightness and freedom. But when we let go with a grateful heart, clear intention, and focus our attention on all the the things we love, we will truly feel clutter-free. 

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