Let Your Presence Be the Present this Holiday

holidays Dec 22, 2023
Holiday Peace Presence

Just because everything is crazy around you, doesn't mean it has to be crazy within you.
- Courtney Carver, Be More With Less

This holiday season, let your presence be the present. Each year we post this message because it is always a great reminder that in each moment we have the opportunity to embody the spirit of the season. 

When you're present with those around you, you can be the holiday greeting, the message, and the gift!

It's easy to get caught up in the holiday frenzy and feel stressed and overwhelmed. We often catch ourselves thinking, “when I finish the following items on my to-do list, then I will relax and enjoy the holiday.” This mindset is very similar to holding onto an item that is no longer loved or useful because “someday, maybe” we may use it again. In both cases we are creating clutter (mental or physical) by not being present in the moment.  

We've come to learn that anytime we find ourselves saying, “when – fill in the blank – happens I will be happy” we are holding onto a false belief. The only real time is now. 

Justifying our frazzled, harried states as necessary to eventually achieve the perfect peaceful holiday, is a flawed construct – and not a very enjoyable experience! We especially see this through the eyes of children, who naturally live in the moment and therefore don’t understand having to put up with unpleasant means – in our case, stressed out mamas – just to get to an end. 

On a practical level, the “end” or that “perfect” day, doesn’t really exist. No matter how much we prepare there will always be something to think about, more to do, or often an unexpected glitch. It's important to recognize that everything we desire is held in the present moment. Our sense of joy and contentment comes from within. 


"Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind." - Calvin Coolidge 


We realized we have the opportunity to embrace the holiday spirit throughout the preparations — whether we’re wrapping presents, sitting around the tree with family, in line at the grocery store, or driving in holiday traffic — it is all the same. How we are with ourselves and others leading up to the holiday celebrations is as important, or more than, the perfect gift, precisely wrapped presents, the ideal meal, etc…
Below are 6 quick and easy practices we use to bring ourselves to the present moment:
1. Set an Intention: write down the quality or qualities you want to experience and embody this holiday season. 
2. Simplify: don’t put too much pressure on yourself and only take on what you know you will enjoy. See our post for step by step guidance on how to simplify. 
3. Breathe: Taking a deep breath always shifts the energy!
4. Connect to nature: take a break by going for a walk in a beautiful place.
5. Find perspective: we keep the mantra “don’t sweat the small stuff” in mind. 
6. Gratitude: Appreciating the things we love about our homes as we go about our day keeps us on track.


We get so weary chasing the perfect holiday season that we never take time to enjoy the one right in front of us.” Joshua Becker 

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