How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs Through Decluttering

clutter clearing manifesting Feb 24, 2024
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A limiting belief is any recurring thought or long-held assumption about yourself, or the world, that gets in the way of you achieving your goals and living the life you dream of. No matter how positive our thoughts or how hard we work, if we have beliefs that undermine our goals, it will be challenging to manifest our desires.

Clutter is often a result of limiting beliefs. Many limiting beliefs related to clutter are rooted in fear, unworthiness, lack, and limitation. If you find yourself holding onto an item that is not loved or useful (aka clutter) you will likely find that underneath your resistance to letting go of the object is a limiting belief. For example, you may be holding onto a piece of clothing that you don’t like just in case you can’t afford one you really do like. In this case the item of clothing is no longer just an item— it is anchoring a belief rooted in lack.

Here are some common limiting beliefs attached to clutter:

  • I will never have enough money to buy beautiful things.
  • I better keep this item I don’t like because I don’t deserve one I really do like.
  • If I let go of something expensive it means I am wasteful.
  • I need to be cluttered to be creative.
  • If I let go of this item I will lose a piece of myself.
  • I can’t trust that my needs will be met, so I better hold onto this item just in case (fill in the blank with whatever future needs you think will not be met.)

Keep in mind that limiting beliefs are most often subconscious. However, with intention and awareness you can unearth these limiting beliefs through the decluttering process. 

Attached to every piece of clutter is a limiting belief. As you let go of the item, you have an opportunity to let go of the belief.

Steps to Overcome Limiting Beliefs through decluttering:

- Question: If you find yourself holding onto an item that is not loved or useful, ask yourself, “would I keep this item if I were living the life of my dreams? Would I keep this item if I believed the world was infinite and abundant and my needs are always met on time and in time? Would I keep it if I loved myself and believed I was worthy and whole?  If the answer is no to any of these questions, chances are you have a limiting belief. 

- Identify the limiting belief: Write down the limiting thought. Now consider whether or not you can say with absolute certainty that this belief is accurate. Can you think of examples that disprove the belief? Is this a belief you value and want to define your life?

- Replace: Once you become aware of the reasons you’re holding onto the clutter — you can affirm a new, positive belief. For example, you could say to yourself, “My needs will always be met on time and in time. I am worthy and deserving of the good I desire. I am enjoying clarifying what works for me and what doesn’t.” 

- Release: You can then release the item (and the limiting belief) with gratitude for providing an opportunity to embrace new beliefs that reflect and support a life you wish to manifest— a life of unconditional love and infinite resources. 

As you let go of the things that are anchoring lack and limitation, you affirm an abundant outlook and move yourself closer to the life you desire. Decluttering, with intention, is a powerful opportunity to release limiting beliefs that may be in the way of you realizing your dreams. And soon you will only be living with the things that reflect and support your highest vision for yourself, your home, and your life.



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