How Clutter Blocks Manifestation

manifesting Jun 01, 2024

How can we expect something new to come into our lives if our homes are already filled to the brim? We can’t! First we need to create space– physical, mental, emotional, and energetic.

Decluttering is the first step to manifesting.

There are 5 keys to manifestation:

  1. Clarify your desires, 
  2. Create space by letting go of anything that is not in alignment with your desires (this could be physical items, or limiting beliefs,) 
  3. Keep your thoughts positively attuned to your goals, 
  4. Feel how you would feel if your desires were already manifest, 
  5. Take action steps towards your goals.

Clutter gets in the way of all 5 steps.

Clutter muddles clarity and your point of attraction. It is difficult to achieve clarity and focus when your environment (and mind) are filled with meaningless stuff.

Clutter also takes up space. Sometimes our dreams require actual physical space. You may think you don’t have room to create a home office to fulfill your dream of being a writer, or a space to practice yoga, or create art. However, when you clear the clutter you may find that you do have room to start living your dream. 

Even if your dream does not require physical space, clutter has a way of taking up energetic space, blocking the good we desire from flowing into our lives. Chances are you have experienced or know someone who has experienced decluttering their home and then something really good happens! This phenomena is a result of stuck energy being cleared so that something new can come into your life.

Clutter is a symptom of subconscious limiting beliefs. When you hold onto things that are no longer loved and used (aka clutter) it is often because of a limiting belief such as, “I am not safe, My needs will not be met, I don’t deserve things I truly love etc.” In order to manifest our hearts desires we need to claim our inherent worthiness and cultivate beliefs that are in alignment with our goals. We can keep our attention and thoughts on positive outcomes, rather than fear based, limiting thoughts. When you declutter you have the opportunity to let go of the limiting belief attached to the clutter, and affirm a positive belief. 

Clutter makes us feel badly about ourselves. Clutter is overwhelming and often a source of conflict. However when we live with things that inspire love, are beautiful and useful– our energy and the energy in our home is uplifted. We come into a vibration that is a match for what it is we desire. 

Clutter drains our time and energy. Think how much time can be spent cleaning, maintaining, organizing, arguing, thinking about stuff. When you declutter you recapture this time and energy that can be used to take the action steps necessary to move our goals forward. 

Start manifesting by decluttering. Decluttering will support you in clarifying your true desires, making space in your home (and mind) for your dreams to reveal, and focusing your attention on the things you love— the things in your home that support positive beliefs. You will feel better in a space that is filled with the things you love and use and you will have more time and energy to take positive action steps towards your goals.

Want to learn more? Check out our book: Declutter and Manifest: A 52 Week Workbook To Create A Home And Life You Love.

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