How to Love Your Home, Just As It Is

homemaking Feb 02, 2024

It is easy to focus on our clutter or get distracted by social media posts that highlight home improvement projects or picture-perfect homes—yet this only leads to focusing on what isn’t working in your home. You can shift your attention by actively appreciating your home and focusing on what is working.  

The truth is… to fully be at peace in your home requires a certain mindset. You could live in a beautiful, clutter-free home and still be unsatisfied by focusing on the one thing you want to change. Why wait to love your home and feel at peace—even if it is still a work in progress?


The key to loving your home, just as it is, right here and now, is appreciation.


One of the reasons I love decluttering is because it is a heart-centered process. When determining what inspires love in your home and life (and therefore what to keep or let go of) it is better to tune into your body and trust your feelings versus rely on your mind and thoughts. There is no “thinking” your way to love.

When I declutter from this heart centered space I feel connected and at peace. But when it comes to organizing or “styling” my home I shift into my head. There are so many options when it comes to organizing items and so much inspiration out there that I can easily begin judging and obsessing. I have found the way out of this perfectionism is through appreciation. By turning my attention in here I notice all the things I am grateful for.  When I shift my focus to aspects of a certain object or part of my home that I appreciate, I return to that place of contentment and connection. 

I have found two interesting byproducts of focusing on what I appreciate about the things in my home. First, I realize that I already have everything I need. And second, the new and shiny things that I think I need or want, don’t end up bringing me any more joy than the things I already own. More often than not, when I purchase  a piece of clothing, a decorative pillow for the sofa, or basket for the pantry I discover  that the things I already had in my closet, living room, or pantry inspire as much joy… or more.

Try this exercise to cultivate a practice of appreciating your home:

  1. The moment you wake up, look for things you appreciate about your home. Do you love your soft sheets, the way the light shines through your window in the morning, or the color of your walls? Whatever you find, take a moment to appreciate the usefulness, beauty, or good feelings it inspires.
  2. Continue this practice throughout your day. 

As you shift your attention to what you love and take a moment to give thanks for each of these things, you will see your relationship with your home (and life) transform. 




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