How to Manifest Your Dreams With the Help of Your Home

manifesting Jan 05, 2024


Your home can be your vision board–a three dimensional reflection of your dreams that inspires well being, supports aligned action, and primes your brain for success.


Our homes are an often overlooked, yet essential ingredient in the manifestation process.The spaces in which we live have a tremendous influence on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being and on all aspects of our lives–our health, wealth, career, and relationships.

Manifestations occur when you align your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions with your desires. Other than our relationships, our environments will have the greatest impact on our mindset, emotions, and behavior. Because of the intimate connection we have with our homesthe ways in which our homes reflect our beliefs, spark thoughts, anchor habits and provoke emotions–your environment is a powerful tool to shape your life. Simple changes in your home will focus your thoughts positively on your goals,  inspire the feelings of your desire, bring subconscious beliefs to light, and support necessary action steps.

We have found it is challenging if not impossible to build a new habit, realize a goal, or create lasting sustainable change in our lives without changing our homes. Let’s say your goal is to eat healthfully but your pantry is filled with junk food, you don’t have a place to sit down to eat because your kitchen table is piled with work, or you blender is buried in the back of a cabinet beneath clutterchances are you will not be successful! Trying to achieve that goal in that environment is like paddling upstream. How can we expect to change our eating habits without considering what’s in our kitchen or how it’s set up? How can we expect to improve our sleep without taking a good look at our bedrooms? How can we be different or make different choices if we wake up each day to a home that supports our old habits and patterns… we can’t!

However, when you create a home that inspires the thoughts, feelings, and behavior that match and support your goals, you shift downstream–you overcome resistance, and allow the good you desire to flow. 

Three Step Process:

Lasting and sustainable change comes from changing your homethe heart of your everyday living. Here is our 3-step process for using your home as tool for transformation and manifestation:

1. Clarify your highest vision for your home and life by writing down a list of intentions:

The first step in manifesting, or realizing any goal, is to get clear about what it is you desire. Writing down your goals is the best way to achieve clarity. 

Each New Year, Alison and I take time to make a list of intentions for all areas of our lives, such as Career, Relationships, Wealth, Health, Home & Lifestyle etc. We call these collective intentions a Life Vision. We spend a great deal of time on our Life Visions because they are part roadmap, part divination tool, and part stress reliever! This inner work can take a little time, but we encourage you to follow through!  

2. Energize your intentions and reflect your dreams in your home:

Add colors, textures, images, sounds that inspire the feeling of what it is you desire. If your goal is a loving relationship, how can you reflect this desire in your home? What objects, words, images, or artwork might invoke the feeling that you are in love? If you don’t have things in your home that reflect your goals,  one powerful way to energize your written intentions is by creating an intention table. An intention table is  simply a group of loved and beautiful items grouped together on a table, shelf or tray. You can place your written intentions underneath or in one of the objects. Each time you walk by you will be positively reminded of your goals, your energy will be uplifted, as will the energy in your home!

3. Support your next steps:

Add to, rearrange, or edit an area of your home to support the action steps necessary to achieve your goal. If your goal is to pursue a passion, such as painting, you may need to make space for your dream by decluttering. Let go of anything in your home that is not in alignment with your vision for your ideal home and life. Clear space for a place to paint! If your goal is to promote more harmony and connection with your family, you might see how you can support nightly family dinners. Take a look at your dining area. Is there anything you can do to organize or enhance the space to make dinners more enticing and enjoyable? If you wish to build a daily meditation  habit, what visual cues might you place in your home to inspire this practice?

Feel it, be it, do it–and believe it!

One of the most challenging aspects to successful manifestation is that you need to feel it, be it, do it– and believe it–before it happens. In other words, to manifest wealth, you need to feel prosperous before your finances may have changed. You need to believe you are worthy of financial prosperity and behave like someone who is successful financially and think positively. This can be extremely challenging if we are in fear and far from the abundance we seek. This is what is so powerful about working with your home. Chances are that through your home and everyday living you can find ways to feel wealthy, live abundantly, and be grateful for the wealth you do have in your life (like a space to call home.)

You can start living abundantly in a genuine and authentic way before you reach your financial goals. Your home can reflect abundance before the money is in the bank account. Something small (such as as buying a single stem rose each week to place in a beautiful vase, lighting a candle before bed, placing artwork or photos that inspire feelings of abundance, or cooking yourself a dinner with ingredients fresh from the farmers market, using your best dishes and cloth napkins) can feel abundant!

Turn your home into one big dream board, so that you are, literally, dwelling in your dream. 


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