9 Things to Declutter in Your Kitchen Now

clutter clearing Mar 31, 2024


In our philosophy we promote living with what you love– keeping only the things that inspire joy. We feel the point of a home is to serve you and support the realization of your current aspirations. Depending on your goals, that may mean a lot, a little, and everything in between! 

That said, we have found a few categories of items that most of us can do without. Since these items usually don’t hold any emotional attachment they can be easy to let go of and a great entry point to decluttering. Especially if you are overwhelmed by the idea of decluttering, it can be helpful to start with these easy to let go of items. You will feel better once you start decluttering and build momentum, giving you the confidence to address the more challenging types of clutter. You can also declutter these items in short blocks of time– even 15 minutes a day is enough to see results.

As we often say, something is better than nothing! The important thing is to start and you will see your small efforts add up to something bigger overtime.


Each day if you remove just one item from your home that’s not useful or loved, by the end of the year you would have 365 fewer pieces of clutter!


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some easy thing to declutter in each room of the home… starting with the kitchen!


  1. Excess paper and plastic bags: Recycle the plastic and paper bags. Invest in sturdy, washable reusable grocery totes, so you can avoid accumulating this type of clutter. 
  2. Excess rubber bands and twist ties: At some point we all end up with more than we will ever need! Sometimes these items can be useful for a local preschool. 
  3. Excess dish towels: Just keep the ones you use and that fit nicely in the space you have. 
  4. Expired food and pantry items: After disposing of the food, recycle any jars or cans to avoid the next type of clutter on this list.
  5. Excess storage containers: Tupperware, glass jars, and other food storage containers (especially those with missing lids.)
  6. Take out menus: you can always locate the menu online.
  7. Duplicates or different sizes of the same of kitchen utensils and gadgets: Keep only the ones you use. If an item serves the same purpose, choose the size or type that you like the best and let go of the rest.
  8. Excess disposables (chopsticks, cutlery etc.): It is easy to accumulate these items especially if you order out a lot. When you place a to go oder you can often specify whether or not you need eating utensils to avoid this type of clutter. 
  9. Cookbooks: Unless you love the cookbook– maybe it is sentimental or beautiful– it is easier, space saving, and more accessible to copy your favorite recipes and put them all on one binder or digital folder.

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