7 Things to Declutter in Your Bathroom Now

decluttering Apr 09, 2024


When we think about decluttering our entire home, it can seem daunting but it's all about taking small, manageable steps toward a clearer, more organized space. In the pursuit of simplicity, keep it simple! And keep in mind, sometimes it’s the easy wins, that make the biggest difference to our daily routine. 


Remember, decluttering isn't about achieving perfection overnight; it's about gradually creating a space that brings ease and grace to your daily routine. 


So for the second part of our series about what you can declutter now, let’s talk about the bathroom!

Things to Declutter in Your Bathroom Now:

  1. Expired prescriptions and over the medicines, including over-the-counter items.
  2. Old makeup and skincare items, including sunblock: Not sure when makeup expires, check out this great article. https://www.masterclass.com/articles/how-to-tell-if-makeup-is-expired
  3. Empty shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, and other bottles: recycle these to keep your space tidy.
  4. Free samples and hotel shampoo, soap, lotion etc. Only keep a few that you know you will use. Or if you have a guest room, keep two sets.
  5. Excess or stretched-out hair ties.
  6. Old or dried out nail polish.
  7. Excess towels. If you do laundry often, usually one set is enough. And two sets is plenty. For those who keep an old towel for muddy messes, usually one is enough. 

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