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Why You Should Avoid Storing Things Under Your Bed

clutter clearing Sep 09, 2021
Declutter under your bed

The other day my husband was helping me put a new area rug under our bed, and much to our annoyance, the bed frame came apart and almost broke. In order to put the bed frame back together, we had to remove the insanely heavy mattress and the box springs. What started out as “how exciting to have a new rug” turned into a lot of grumbling and frustration…until…we discovered what was under those box springs. Thick layers of dust and even a few gummy bears?!

My son’s first-grade teacher used to promote the idea of a “happy mistake.” That is how I feel about almost breaking our bed frame. If we hadn’t taken apart the bed, I would not have discovered that I was sleeping over a pile of dust. It was incredibly satisfying to clean the bed frame and floor and launder the box spring cover. I truly felt a shift of energy in the bedroom. And I started sleeping better! I have also been doing some intense inner work during these few months and I felt an old pattern release. Not only did my bedroom gleam, but I felt lighter and brighter. This is what I love about spring cleaning and decluttering, as we clear and clean we unblock stuck energy in our homes and also in our lives.

The health of your bedroom is so important to our well-being because it is where our body, mind, spirit rests and replenishes. Also, how we feel and what we think about before we go to sleep and when we first wake up has a tremendous impact on our lives. We want to go to sleep and wake up aligned and inspired and free from unnecessary things weighing on our mind (consciously or subconsciously.)

Five Reasons to Avoid Under the Bed Storage:

1)Difficult to clean: it is hard enough to clean under a bed without having to move items in and out.

2) Health: Items under the bed attract dust. Also, trying to access heavy items from under a bed can strain our backs.

3) Improved sleep: Clutter under a bed will stagnant energy and can interfere with sleep.

4) Improved mood: We feel more at peace knowing the space under the bed is clear.

5) Support your ideal life: Items under the bed, particularly items that are not in alignment with our goals and dreams, can weigh us down, anchor old patterns and beliefs, and keep us tied to the past. On a subconscious level the adage “out of sight, out of mind doesn’t apply!” Every item has its own unique vibration that is affecting the energy in your home and life. Items from a past relationship, sentimental items that don’t bring you joy, items that are not in alignment with sleep or your ideal vision for your future will all get in the way of you creating the life you want to live.

Here are some tips if you must store items under a bed:
– Only store items under a bed that are loved and useful. Also, store items that are an energetic match for sleep and your ideal life. Examples would be extra bed linens or off-season clothes.

– Store items in containers that are made of healthy materials (so you won’t have chemicals off-gassing into your bedroom), sealed (so the items stay dust-free), easy to clean, and easy to retrieve (you may consider wheels).

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