Simple Steps to Clear the Energy in Your Home

energy cleansing Oct 01, 2020
Essential oil spritzers for space clearing


How many times have you watched a scene in a movie where someone is sitting in bed depressed or sad and the best friend walks into the bedroom, parts the curtains, and opens the windows to start the process of cheering her up… you may have even done this yourself. In its simplest form, the act of letting sunlight and fresh air in the room is energy cleansing, also known as space clearing.

Every space holds energy. Even though you can’t see it, you’ve probably sensed it… For example, you may have walked into a room that looked beautiful, but somehow just didn’t feel right. Or perhaps you’ve been in a space that was decorated poorly or not to your taste, but you immediately felt good and comfortable. In both instances, you were probably tuning into the energy of the space. Have you ever referred to the need to “clear the air,” or said something has a “good vibe,” or after an argument stated, “you could cut the tension in the room with a knife?” Or perhaps you’ve even simply said that a place had “good energy.”

Many commonly used expressions indicate that we intuitively understand that buildings and places can have a certain vibration or feel.

Rooms can hold the energy of all the events, emotions, people, and activities that have taken place in the space—in order to have a fresh start, and create more harmony and peace in our surroundings, it can be helpful to clear the energy once in a while. Most people would agree that a common and essential aspect of caring for our homes is cleaning away dust and dirt. No one would argue that letting dirt accumulate over time negatively affects our health and dampens our spirits. But also detrimental to a healthy home is built-up, stagnant energy.

Stagnant energy can prevent us from reaching our full potential by holding past issues, emotions, and old patterns that no longer serve us. A good time to clear energy is before moving into a new space, after a construction project is complete, after an illness or argument, during or after any major life event, anytime you feel stuck or down, or when your space simply doesn’t feel right. You can also perform an energy cleansing when you are simply trying to usher in more positive energy.

Many cultures recognize that spaces hold energy and perform rituals such as burning incense, sage, or smudge sticks, sprinkling water, and salt, or ringing bells and striking gongs to cleanse and bless a space. It really doesn’t matter which tool you use—so tune in to yourself and see what tool calls to you. As, or more, important than the tool you choose is your intention as you clear your space. In fact, you can even clear energy just using your intention.

To clear the energy just using your intention:

1) Open your front door and as many windows as possible and imagine a wave of light or gentle wind moving or blowing through your home. The light and wind can start in the back of your home and then move through all the areas of your home towards the front door, pushing all the stagnant energy out the front door. Then visualize and welcome fresh air, sunshine, and light.

2) After you cleanse the energy you can seal the positive energy in your home. Imagine wrapping your home in light. Visualize a string of white golden light and wrap your home like a package with a bow on top. You may also close the rays of light as a shield if you feel a need to strengthen boundaries. Affirm that only peace and love will enter your home.

Tips for Clearing the Energy in Your Home

If you would like to use a space clearing tool such as the ones above, here is an example of an Energy Clearing Ritual:

In this example, we use essential oils, but you can choose any tool, such as sound (clapping your hands, ringing a bell) or smudge sticks.

1. This ceremony is best done on a sunny day after your home has been physically cleaned.
2. Close windows and outside doors.
3. You may wish to ask for assistance from Spirit or your Higher Self.
4. Place a few drops of essential oils in a spray bottle. You can use any essential oil that feels right to you such as eucalyptus, lavender, or citrus.
5. Set an intention to clear out any stagnant energy that may be present. Ask to let go of anything that does not serve you for your highest good or that is not in alignment with the truth of who you are. You may wish to set specific intentions, i.e. “I am now letting go of any fear or negativity that may be present.”
6. Spray the essential oils in each room. Open drawers, closets, cabinets, etc. (anything that closes.) Lightly spray inside these enclosed areas. Pay attention to corners, baseboards, and door frames, making sure the smoke passes over these areas. As you move through the space you may wish to repeat your intention, especially as you enter a new room.
7. Finish walking through your entire home.
8. Now go through your home and open up all the windows. Affirm that the energy that is no longer serving you goes out the window as you open it and in its place welcome in light and love. You may ask that your space now be filled with light, love, joy, peace, harmony, abundance, optimal health, creativity, or any other quality you desire in your life. Usher in these qualities as you open the windows.
9. Give thanks for your home.

*This ritual should not be done if children or anyone living in the house is sensitive to essential oils. In this case, you may choose to use sound such as a bell to tone instead.

For more information on space clearing, you may enjoy watching our video on YouTube where Laura performs a space clearing and offers step-by-step tips! In this video, we use sage. In recent years, the use of white sage has become a concern which is why we now recommend essential oils. Click here if you would like to learn more about the issues surrounding the use of sage.

If you would like to learn more about space clearing, we highly recommend the book Sacred Space: Clearing and Enhancing the Energy of Your Home by the wonderful, brilliant Denise Linn.

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