10 Things to Declutter from the Laundry Room and Mudroom Now

decluttering Apr 27, 2024
white containers in laundry room closet

The laundry room and mudroom (or entryway) are two areas that play important roles in creating a peaceful and ordered home, yet they can easily become catch-all spaces that wind up cluttered. Below are a few things we can declutter now in two of the most functional spaces in our homes. Since these items don’t typically hold any emotional attachment they are often easy to let go of and will give you the satisfaction of a quick declutter win! Even removing one piece of clutter from a space you use often, can make a big difference.

Laundry rooms:

The laundry room (or area/closet), is often overlooked in the decluttering process. Yet every corner counts. And who doesn’t love that simple feeling of satisfaction in completing a load of laundry?! Even those easy wins can feel great and it’s a feeling that’s even better when your laundry area is tidy.

  1. Excess linens: we find it is best to have 1- 2 sets maximum of linens per bed. We wash our bed linens and then put them right back on the bed. This way, you save on storage space and never have to fold! We do the same with bath towels as well. 
  2. Stained or torn towels or linens: Save a few for rags and donate or recycle the rest. Sometimes animal shelters have a need for towels and linens and will accept donations.
  3. Cleaning products: Maybe you didn’t like the scent or something didn’t clean as well as you hoped, either way, let go of any cleaning products you never intend to use. 
  4. Excess laundry baskets. Only keep what you need otherwise we wind up filling extra baskets with things we don't need or are avoiding putting away.
  5. Broken appliances or duplicates. Laundry can sometime become a catch all for appliances we plan to repair. Be honest with yourself about if/when/how you will get it repaired. 


Mudrooms or Entryways:

Often serving as the dumping ground for shoes, coats, bags, mail, and well… everything we bring in and out of our homes, the mudroom can quickly become overrun and chaotic. Here are a few things you can declutter now to transform your space from cluttered to welcoming:

  1. Junk Mail and Catalogs: Clear out any junk mail, old newspapers, or catalogs. You can always find newspaper articles and stores online. 
  2. Shoes: Donate pairs that are uncomfortable, worn out, or your kids have outgrown. And move seasonal footwear that’s not in use elsewhere to free up space.
  3. Coats: Donate or discard coats, jackets, and outerwear that no longer fit or are torn or stained beyond repair. And just like the shoes, relocate any seasonal outwear that’s not in season.
  4. Excess paper and plastic bags: Recycle the plastic and paper bags. Invest in sturdy, washable reusable grocery totes, so you can avoid accumulating this type of clutter. 
  5. Storage Containers: Assess your storage containers, bins, and baskets in the mudroom. Do you need them all? Sometimes items we buy to organize just become clutter themselves!

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