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During one of our consultations you will learn how to consciously create a home and lifestyle that meets your needs and supports your goals. We will teach you how to use your home as a vehicle to put yourself in the best possible place—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually—to make all your dreams come true.


A couple of years ago I had a consultation with Alison. I’m convinced that the session changed my life and my surroundings. Soon after the consultation… I met the most wonderful man on earth and after a short time we are now engaged. My love life is not the only area that improved, I’ve also made career and life changes as well. I can’t thank Alison enough for her contribution toward all the positive changes in my life, I’ll be forever grateful.” – Lina, Client

Since our consultation things with my husband and me have been great, great, great! And I do whole-heartedly believe that ever since we put the fountain Laura recommended on the front porch things have gone well for us. Personally, our relationship is fabulous and professionally things are good and just all around, things are joyful and peaceful. I can’t thank Laura enough for her advice!” – Cheryl, Client

Having a consultation with Alison was an incredibly positive and life changing experience. At the time, my husband’s job was not going well and he desperately needed to make a change. He drew a diagram of his office for Alison, and she also came to our home to help us implement changes that would shift the energy in our lives. It was incredible how her intuitive sense of what we needed to do made such an immediate difference in both environments. She worked with what we already had in our home and everything she said made perfect sense. And after making the changes, it seemed like at least one positive thing would happen every day – a phone call, an unexpected gift, a piece of good news – all of it leading us in the right direction. By helping us to set intentions and be mindful of our goals, Alison literally changed our lives and propelled us in a positive direction.” – Tessie, Client

I thank Laura for helping me connect with my home and showing me that, for all its importance in my life, that its impact on my being is more powerful than I had ever imagined. The challenges in my life can be addressed from the place I call home and I feel moved to create love and peace within it.” – Lori, Interior Designer and Client


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Speaking Engagements

Laura and Alison are experienced public speakers and are available to give lectures and teach workshops. Topics include:

  • Creating a Healthy, Organized Home and/or Baby Nursery
  • Intuitive Feng Shui
  • Clutter Clearing & Organization
  • Simplicity
  • Transforming Your Home and Life with Life Design


After Laura came to speak to our group, the moms were still talking about it weeks later. They were inspired to go room-by-room getting rid of clutter and simplifying. The ideas Laura presented really stuck with them… they had a new awareness about their choices as a consumer and were focused on making green and healthy choices.” -Stacy, Parent & Education Specialist

Alison Forbes’ presentation was fantastic and all who came gave wonderful feedback. I would love to refer her at any opportunity… she is terrific!” – Susan S, Community Center Education Coordinator

Laura and Alison are engaging presenters. What I enjoyed most about their talk was the inspiration I received to make immediate positive actions. I went home after their talk and spent a few hours de-cluttering my home space and, as a result, felt so much better! Since the talk, I have returned again and again to their simple yet profound tips to create some extra positive energy in my home space.” – Kathryn, Wellness Festival Participant


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