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Spring Decluttering: Essential tips and our three step process to kickstart your spring cleaning by clearing the clutter!

We are so excited to offer a
FREE decluttering class!

During this live, online webinar we will share our essential tips and our simple step-by-step process to clear clutter in a way that will have the greatest positive impact on your life.

We will also have a Q&A so you can ask questions and we will answer in real time!

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"The tips you two share are amazing; I've been having some very helpful "Aha" moments. Decluttering as you say is a lot easier. You're changing my life!!" – Isley N., Client

"I left no surface untouched! I was thrilled at the end! There was a sense of freshness and openness and yes, new energy! I must tell you that one of the many "gifts" we participants have received from your presentations and sharing is a kind of awakening." – Lois M., Client



Living in a home filled only with things you love and use
Moving through your daily routines with ease, knowing that everything is in its place
Reclaiming the time and energy that clutter and disorganization depletes.
Experiencing more abundance with fewer things, and the freedom of letting go with meaningful intentions.
Clarifying your dreams and goals
Appreciating the peace and joy that come from living a clutter-free life

In this class you will:

Get inspired to start clearing by understanding the real reason clutter holds you back and negatively impacts all areas of your life.

Learn how to identify the types of clutter that may be less obvious, but are often what’s getting in the way of your happiness and holding you back.

Discover the secret to clearing clutter that will not only result in a clutter-free home but also in a clutter-free life!

Learn our simple three step process to clear clutter that even the busiest people can accomplish.

PLUS discover the biggest mistake people make when trying to clear their clutter!

Ready to spring forward into a clutter-free home and life?

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and free up time, energy, and space, so you can be fully present to enjoy the people, experiences, and things that matter most!

The live webinar has ended but register below to see the replay!

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About Us

We are sisters who created Inspired Everyday Living in 2003 to teach the principles and practices of clutter-free and intentional living to expose the transformative power of our homes in creating lives we love. When we love and care for our homes with awareness, appreciation, and intention, our homes become powerful vehicles for realizing the unique and heartfelt visions we hold for ourselves and our lives. In this way, our homes serve as meaningful channels for allowing the happiness, peace, and purpose that we seek to flow freely into your lives. We meet you at the intersection of home organization, life coaching, and spiritual transformation.

In addition to working with clients in their own homes, we co-authored three books: Love At Home: Live in Love and Find Your Soulmate: Simple Steps to Create a Home that Will Help you Attract and Maintain a Loving Relationship; Clutter-free Parenting: Making Space in Your Home for the Magic of Childhood and the Joy of Parenthood and The Peaceful Nursery, and: The Peaceful Nursery: Preparing a Home for Your Baby with Feng Shui. Laura holds a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and is a Simplicity Parenting Coach™. Alison holds a Masters in Education and is a certified Graceful Lifestyles Interior Re-Designer™ and a Denise Linn Soul Coach™. Both Laura and Alison are graduates of the Western School of Feng Shui™.

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We are so excited to show you how to start turning the life you’re living into the life you’ve been dreaming about by creating a home that is in alignment with your desires. See you soon!

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