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Decluttering for Parents

We are so excited to offer a
FREE decluttering webinar designed just for parents!

During this live, online webinar we will share our essential tips and our simple step-by-step process to create and maintain a clutter-free home and life with kids. We will also have a Q&A so you can ask questions and we will answer in real time!

More than ever, our homes are the center of our universe. In addition to all of the ways our homes have served us before, now our homes are workplaces, schools, gyms, and cafeterias. During this time many of us are grappling with how to keep it all together. A clutter-free home can help. The more chaotic things are in the outer world the more important it is to create space--and peace of mind--in our homes and lives.


  • Freeing up time, energy, and space, so you can be fully present to enjoy your life with your family
  • Living in a home filled only with things you love and use
  • Moving through your daily routines with ease, knowing that everything is in its place
  • Reclaiming the time and energy that clutter and disorganization depletes.
  • Caring for your children instead of caring for their things?

We created this free class to answer all of the questions we get asked most often and addresses the most common decluttering struggles parents share with us. 

Webinar Overview

The secret to preventing children’s clutter.

How to get inspired to start clearing by understanding the real reason clutter holds you back and negatively impacts you and your family’s life.

How to tackle the clutter that’s often the hardest to let go of such as sentimental objects, items you inherit, unwanted gifts, and expensive purchases.

How to identify the types of clutter that may be less obvious, but are often what’s getting in the way of your happiness and holding you back.

A three step process to clear clutter that even the busiest of parents can accomplish.

PLUS the biggest mistake people make when trying to clear their clutter!

Even if you feel overwhelmed and think you are too busy--you can live clutter-free with the tips and our simple three step process that we will share in this webinar.

Register now and free up time, energy, and space
so you can be fully present to enjoy your life and your family!

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