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I can’t thank Alison enough for her contribution toward all the positive changes in my life, I’ll be forever grateful. I met the most wonderful man on earth and after a short time we are now engaged. My love life is not the only area that improved, I’ve also made career and life changes as well. 

– Lina, Client


I thank Laura for helping me connect with my home and showing me that, for all its importance in my life, that its impact on my being is more powerful than I had ever imagined. The challenges in my life can be addressed from the place I call home and I feel moved to create love and peace within it. 

– Tori, Interior Designer/Client


"I left no surface untouched! I was thrilled at the end! There was a sense of freshness and openness and yes, new energy!

I must tell you that one of the many "gifts" we participants have received from your presentations and sharing is a kind of awakening.

– Lois M., Client.

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