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Virtual one-on-one and group consultations to help you create your ideal home and life.

Home Decluttering & Organization Consultation

Our virtual clutter clearing, tidying, and organization sessions include one-on-one or group coaching custom designed to meet your needs.

We offer two methods: Room by Room or The Konmari Method (Laura is a Consultant in Training, KonMari Method® )

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Feng Shui Consultation

Whether you are looking to ignite positive change in any area of your life- health, finances, relationships, career-- or experience greater peace, happiness, love, beauty, and purpose, we will meet you and your home wherever you are in this moment. Through applying the intuitive and practical aspects of Feng Shui, you will learn how to make a home that reflects, supports, and shapes your highest vision for yourself and your life.

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Decluttering and Organization FAQ

How much does it cost?

Decluttering & organization consultations are $100 per hour. Sessions can range from 1 - 3 hours. How many sessions you need will depend on how large your home is, how many possessions you have, and how much you clear on your own after each coaching session. 

Is there anything I need to purchase?

It is helpful to have the following items on hand. Most likely, you will already have these items in your home:

  • Trash bag
  • Recycle bag or bin
  • Cardboard boxes/ grocery bags/ shopping bags for items that will be donated, sold or repaired
  • Bins or baskets to contain “projects” that invariably surface as you clear (i.e. organizing must follow clearing, so if you come across photos you will choose which ones you are keeping and which ones you are letting go of, but putting them into an album is considered a project and will happen later in the organizing phase. The photos you choose to keep can be placed in a container until that time.)
What is the difference between room by room and Konmari Method®?

The Konmari Method ® tidies by category of items (i.e. clothes, paper, books etc. ) and not by location. The Room by Room Method declutters one room at a time and often one small area in each room at a time. Typically, we have found the room by room method is better suited for clients who have homes with many rooms, limited or small amounts of time to devote to decluttering, and/ or are overwhelmed by the idea of addressing every item in a category all at once. The Konmari Method ® is well suited for those who are excited to experience a tidying “festival” and have the time to tidy all in one go in a shorter period of time. 

Do you provide resources for where to donate items and do you recommend organizing items?

Often the best places to donate items are local. We do however provide a list of resources for online donating as well as ideas to help you find local donation centers.

In both methods, decluttering must be complete before moving onto organizing. Typically, our clients find less of a need for organizing items and often can repurpose items they already own for organizing. If organizing items are needed we will give you a list of our favorite resources for inspiration  and stores. If you would like us to find items this time will be charged at our hourly rate. 

How do group sessions work?

Gather together a group of friends or family and clutter clear together! Your group will receive a series of six 45-minute coaching sessions on Zoom PLUS plenty of time after each session for Q&A. For groups of 4 or fewer, coaching costs $397 per participant. Discounts are available for groups of 5 people or more. Please contact us for the price for larger groups.

Feng Shui Consultation FAQ

How much does it cost?

Feng Shui consultations are $300. The initial consultation includes follow-up questions via phone, text, or email. The initial consultation is usually 1.5-2 hours. Follow- up consultations can be scheduled at an hourly rate of $100. 

What can I expect in an initial Feng Shui consultation?

We start by talking about your goals and dreams for your home and life. We will then have you give us a “tour” of your home. We will share everything we see from the perspective of the Feng Shui philosophy and offer an extensive list of suggestions for changes you can make to your home that will elevate your space and create a positive shift in your life. We prioritize the suggestions and can offer any necessary support or resources to help you make the changes. You will also receive a Feng Shui Bagua Map of your home.

Do you offer decorating services?

The heart of our philosophy is to live in a home that you love, surrounded by the things that you love that reflect and support your ideal vision for your life. We often give suggestions that involve rearranging or relocating objects, art, or furniture. Sometimes we suggest adding certain materials, colors, or types of décor, however, we do not secure these items for you. We are happy to collaborate with designers.

Will you help with clutter clearing?

Clutter clearing is the number one change you can make in your home to change your life. Almost always we discuss the why, what, and how of clearing clutter in the initial consultation. You will be inspired to clear your clutter and given a process for how to clear clutter.

Many times clients want more support and hire us to coach them through the decluttering process. Similar to a trainer at a gym- we can teach you how, guide you to get the best results, and be by your side (virtually) as you clear--but just as you need to do the workout to get the results, you will be doing the clearing (making the choices about what to keep and what to let go of.) See our decluttering and organizing consultations.

Is there anything I need to purchase?

We offer “tiers” of suggestions that range from no cost (removing, replacing, or rearranging items) to working within a budget.

What results can I expect?

Our clients experience a shift in consciousness about the connection between their homes and lives. This new awareness results in an incredibly powerful, practical, and fun way of using your home as a tool for manifestation and self-realization.

Since every person’s home, life, and desires are so different the results from our consultations vary greatly.

Here are some examples of shifts our clients have experienced:

  • Clarity and sense of purpose
  • Greater peace
  • A home that feels like a reflection of your best self
  • A home that functions optimally and supports you in living your ideal life
  • More time and energy
  • More flow
  • Improved health
  • Better sleep
  • Finding a romantic partner
  • Positive career change
  • Improved finances
  • Improved family relationships
  • Conceiving
  • Purchasing a dream home
  • Selling a home


The tips you two share are amazing; I've been having some very helpful "Aha" moments. Decluttering as you say is a lot easier. You're changing my life!!

- Isley N.

I left no surface untouched! I was thrilled at the end! There was a sense of freshness and openness and yes, new energy! I must tell you that one of the many "gifts" we participants have received from your presentations and sharing is a kind of awakening.

- Lois M.

A couple of years ago I had a consultation with Alison. I’m convinced that the session changed my life and my surroundings. From the I learned about changing the energy in my living space to promote health and prosperity in all areas of my life and how to clear and rid myself of clutter. Prior to the I had been through a series of dysfunctional relationships, and the prospects at finding my true love were rather bleak. Soon after the consultation, I met the most wonderful man on earth and after a short we are now engaged. My love life is not the only area that improved, I’ve also made career and life changes as well. I can’t thank Alison enough for her contribution all the positive changes in my life, I’ll be forever grateful.

- Lina, Client

“I thank Laura for helping me connect with my home and showing me that, for all its importance in my life, that its impact on my being is more powerful than I had ever imagined. The challenges in my life can be addressed from the place I call home and I feel moved to create love and peace within it.”

- Lori, Interior Designer Client

Having a consultation with Alison was an incredibly positive and experience. At the time, my husband’s job was not going well and he desperately needed to make a change. It was incredible how her intuitive sense of what we needed to do made such an immediate difference in both environments. She worked with what we already had in our home and everything she said made perfect sense. And after making the changes, it seemed like at least one positive thing would happen every day – a phone call, an unexpected gift, a piece of good news – all of it leading us in the right direction. By helping us to set intentions and be mindful of our goals, Alison literally changed our lives and propelled us in a positive direction. Looking back, life felt quite stagnant. We felt stuck. And as soon as Alison guided us with her patience, intuition and expertise, change was immediately set in motion. Including, the most incredible new job for my husband, that continues to be the most positive, fulfilling and financially rewarding experience of his career thus far.

- Stephanie, Client

Since our things with my husband and me have been great, great, great! And I do believe that ever since we put the fountain Laura recommended on the front porch things have gone well for us. Personally, our relationship is fabulous and professionally things are good and just all around, things are joyful and peaceful. I can’t thank Laura enough for her advice!

- Cheryl, Client

“Laura is so gifted at what she does. I feel blessed by her words of guidance, advice support.”

- Marin, Client

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