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Natural Easter Eggs

Apr 04, 2023


Easter is almost here and I wanted to share some ideas for dying eggs with natural dyes. What better time to use what you already have in your home?

Kids really enjoy experimenting with different vegetables, fruits, and herbs and love the surprise of seeing what different colors they produced.

Laura’s natural Easter egg-dying adventure with her kids is below, but if you don’t have these ingredients in your home right now, check out HGTV’s great tips for using what’s in your spice rack.



Our ingredients: beets, red cabbage, coffee grinds, and turmeric.


The dyes… ready for the eggs!

The dyes do stain, so protect your table!

The egg carton, although convenient, created a puddle on the bottom that gave the eggs an uneven finish, so try a baking rack.

The eggs!


An Easter basket filled with dye-free, GMO- free and organic sweets. 

Happy Spring!

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