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Creating a Life Design

Dec 31, 2022

The first step toward achieving your dreams is to create what we call a “Life Design.” Start by thinking of all the areas in your life such as your career, relationships, finances, health, etc… If you would like, you may use the nine areas referenced in Feng Shui; Career, Helpful People, Children and Creativity, Love and Marriage, Fame and Reputation, Wealth and Prosperity, Family, Health, Knowledge and Self-Cultivation.

The next step is to create a written list of successful outcomes for each area, called affirmations. Affirmations are most effective when written in the present tense. Begin with the words “I am” and finish the sentence with your highest aspirations (see below). The process of writing down your intentions is one of the most effective things you can do to create the life you desire. Writing down your goals sends a powerful message to the universe that is usually answered in extraordinary ways.

Remember that as you are writing down your affirmations you are in fact designing your life. You may alter your Life Design to fit your unique circumstances. Be specific and add as many details and affirmations as you want. This is your vision!

Sample Affirmations…
I am enjoying a loving and affectionate relationship with my partner.
I am supported by my partner in being all of who I am and I support my partner in being all of who he is.

I am grateful for my supportive and loving family.
I am happily finding time to see my family as often as I please.

Helpful People:
I am easily attracting new like-minded friends into my life.
I am energized by the time I spend with my friends.

I am experiencing optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
I am easily making time to care for myself.

I am experiencing financial prosperity.
I am gratefully receiving abundance in all its forms.

I am enjoying a successful career that is in alignment with my values and purpose.
I am inspired and fulfilled by my work.

Knowledge & Self-Cultivation
I am constantly growing and learning.
I find ways to share my knowledge with others.

Children & Creativity
I have many outlets to express my creativity.
I nurture my inner child and am playful and joyful.

I experience abundance in my life.
Wealth and Prosperity manifest easily in my life.

Fame & Reputation
I receive positive recognition and am well known and respected for my talents.

Affirmations are a great starting point for your Life Design, but don’t forget to elaborate. This is a road map for your life, so give yourself detailed directions! For example, if you are making a career change you may wish to describe your ideal work situation such as; I have flexible hours and work from home; I earn enough money to comfortably support my lifestyle and save for the future; I work with successful, talented professionals (you may even wish to state an amount of money you wish to earn or names of people you want to work with – but when being that specific always add “this or something better for the highest good” at the end of your affirmation so you leave room for even more wonderful blessings to come into your life).

You can enrich your Life Design in a variety of ways. For example, you can also support yourself in manifesting your goals within a certain time frame by making a list of your ten-year goals, five-year goals and one-to-two year goals. Most likely your Life Design includes a great deal of successful outcomes. Keep in mind that things may go a little differently than planned, but often the outcomes are even greater than you could have imagined.

The next step is to stay focused on realizing your goals. There are several ways to do this, including reviewing your goals, taking action steps, meditating or praying, visualizing, creating visual reminders, and finally, letting go.

1. Review your intentions. It is helpful to periodically review your Life Design. Try reading it before you start your day or before you fall asleep at night.

2. Take action steps. Reviewing your Life Design will help you align your actions with your intentions. Action steps are defined as anything you may need to do to support your goals. For example, if you would like to write book, sign up for a writing class.

3. Meditate or pray. A powerful form of prayer is called “Affirmative Prayer,” which recognizes that everything you desire is already within you – you just need to ask that it may be experienced, revealed or manifested. An easy way to do this is to express gratitude for all the good that you are calling forth. By being thankful you are acknowledging that what you desire on some level already exists and with your intention is now manifesting in your life. You may also want to meditate. Meditation helps you quiet your mind and let go of “mental clutter,” thereby making you more available in the present moment. While meditating, don’t focus specifically on your Life Design, focus instead on the feeling your Life Design evokes. If the feeling is happiness, simply meditate on the word happiness; if the feeling is peace, meditate on the word peace.

4. Visualize. The visualization process focuses your attention on the best possible outcome for any situation. Many athletes and coaches use visualization techniques before a game by imagining they are playing at the best of their ability, and winning. The following describes a simple visualization process.

– Find a quiet place to sit or lie.
– Take a few minutes to relax by focusing your attention on your breath.
– Imagine yourself in a future situation and then imagine you and whomever you are with surrounded by a gentle, loving light.
– Imagine yourself experiencing success and happiness each step of the way. What happens? What do you touch, taste, smell, hear, or see? How do you feel?
– Spend a few minutes enjoying the sensations and emotions of joy and success.
– Create visual reminders. You can bring your dreams into your home by creating a visual reminder of your goals. For example, if you wish to travel somewhere, you might place a picture of the place you wish to travel to in your home. Each time you walk by you will be reminded of your dreams. Another possibility would be to create an arrangement on a table or a shelf that might include a special box for your Life Design, candles, plants or flowers, and other cherished objects, quotes, books, or photographs.

Now that you have clear intentions and a heartfelt purpose expressed in your Life Design, simply let go of your plan. Sometimes when you hold on too tightly to one vision, you miss other opportunities. Instead, trust that all will turn out well and surrender to the present moment.

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