How to Create An Intention Table in Your Home

One of the keys to putting yourself in the best possible place to allow your desires to manifest is to stay positively attuned to your goals. As Michael Beckwith-Smith says,  keep your attention on your intention. Creating an intention table in your home will focus your thoughts on your goals, and raise the vibration in your home to match your desires.

Each time you walk by your intention table you will appreciate the beautiful and loved objects. From this heart-centered place, give thanks that your intentions are manifesting right here and now.

In the video below, I share the simple steps you can take to make an intention table:

  1. Group beautiful and loved items on a table, shelf, or tray. You may even choose items that reflect your goals. (i.e. your favorite book about love, if you desire more love in your life.) 
  2. Place your written intentions under or inside of one of the objects on your intention table. 
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