How to Clear the Energy in Your Home

Our homes have been working so hard for us! There has been a lot going on in the past weeks in my home, as I am sure there has in yours. A lot of activity and a lot of emotions. Over time the energy of all of these doings and feelings builds up and our homes and spirits can feel heavy. With spring in the air, now is a great time to lighten up the energy in our homes and feelings in our heart.

Stuck energy is just another form of clutter. You can’t see it or touch it like you can with physical clutter- but the effect is the same. Just like physical clutter in our homes, stuck energy in our homes can bring the energy down, reinforce negative patterns, prevent good from flowing into our lives, and make us feel badly.

An energy clearing is like pushing a reset button. When you clear away stuck energy, you will raise the vibration in your home and bring yourself to the present moment- opening the door for new beginnings and possibilities.

Your home will feel so much better and so will you!

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