How to Create Peace at Home by Clearing Clutter

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During this uncertain time when the world feels out of control and chaotic, it is even more important to create peace and order at home. We can find this peace through the process of decluttering.

Our homes are the center of our universe, now more than ever.

In addition to the many ways our homes already serve us, our homes now function as schools, workplaces, and cafeterias. We need to make space to support these activities so we can feel supported and empowered by our environments to move through our days with ease and grace.

We also need to declutter for our peace of mind. The physical clutter in our homes is emotional clutter. Clutter causes stress and feelings of overwhelm and is often a source of conflict between loved ones. Clutter also ties up our time and energy. We end up talking about, arguing about, and managing all of our stuff, instead of having the time and energy to focus on the things that truly matter: our loved ones, our self-care, time in nature, time to pursue our passions and time to just be.  Keep reading…

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