2019 Holiday Gift Guide


Here are some of our favorite items (and a few on our wish list) that we think would make a great gift this Holiday Season! As always, our intention is to choose products that promote conscious, healthful, earth-friendly, and joyful living.

SK Twig Bundle

We love this bundle of kindling. The wood is sourced from fallen branches and combined with herbs such as sage and rosemary. Not only is beautiful, but the herbs will help cleanse the energy in your home. The bundle comes with one intention card, but you can also order more https://spiritualkindling.com/shop/intentioncards making this bundle a wonderful way to set your New Year’s intentions!



Rock Match Striker

This match striker is one of my favorite items in my home. I love items that are so natural, if I ever decided to let it go, I could literally toss it in the woods and it would have no impact on the earth.


Candles are a favorite go to gift, but scented candles made with paraffin and synthetic fragrance can contribute to indoor air pollution. You can read more about the toxins associated with candles in another one of our blogs here.

We found these coconut based wax candles with pure essential oil fragrance. We especially like the pomegranate and lavender rosemary.

To fill our votives at home we use these beeswax candles. Beeswax candles can actually improve indoor air quality by producing negative ions.

Stone Diffuser

Another way to bring aromas into your home is by diffusing essential oils. We love the healing properties of essential oils like this used with this stone diffuser

Jewelry & Singing Bowls

On my last birthday, I (Laura) gifted myself with this moonstone necklace from Lovethirteen. Heather Wells designs her jewelry with the intention to heal the body, mind, and soul. I was skeptical at first, but I must say I had a profound release the moment I put on my necklace. I truly do feel its healing powers.

Heather also gave me another gift by introducing me to Eduardo. I had yet another incredible healing as Eduardo guided me on an alchemy crystal bowl journey. I came home with three beautiful bowls. Not only do they stand alone as beautiful decorative objects, but the sound is so beautiful and clears and uplifts my energy and the energy in my home.

Zero Waste Gifts

We love this zero waste dish cleaning set from Orez. This set is beautiful to look at and eliminates the need for plastic bottle of dish soap.

For zero waste wrapping we love this furoshiki linen wrap. You can watch Marie Kondo’s demonstration on how to wrap with furoshiki cloths here

Finally, we revisited our 2016 gift guide and still love and use the items we suggested: Check them out here!

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