I’m excited to be collaborating with one of my friends, Giselle Belanger. She is just as passionate about connecting home to heart and elements of intentional lifestyle as I am. Like so many of us, Giselle struggled with overwhelm and constant stress, that left her in a state of fight or flight. She found herself with crippling attachment to material things, so much so that it held her back in all areas of her life. Through deep inner healing work, Giselle discovered that years of constant moving during childhood left a core belief that her things defined her. When she finally recognized the relationship of attachment to her past by the overwhelm of her cluttered environment, she made a decision to downsize her life BIG time! So, when she asked me to be a part of an interview series to talk about what’s on the other side of LETTING GO and what it means to create a soulful home I was excited because cultivating your INNER and OUTER sacred space is where it all BEGINS. I want to invite you to this amazing online series: Luminous Interiors- The Art of Letting Go to Lighten Up, where Giselle interviews top Influencers (including an interview with me!) on Minimalism, Feng Shui, Professional Organizing, Authors and Architects of Lifestyle Design, Conscious Makers of Home, Wellbeing and more. You can reserve your free spot here. Whether you’re looking to simply organize your home that best reflects your values or really dive into what your stuff is telling you, these experts will give you the proven tips and tools to get there.

  • The relationship between you and your environment
  • Must-have tips to decluttering in an eco conscious way
  • The necessary steps to create intentional spaciousness in your life
  • Essential strategies to bring in elements of natural design and interior alignment
  • Different ways to simplify your surroundings
  • Holistic practices for you and your family’s well being

Regardless of where you are in your process of letting go of what no longer serves you in your home and life, this series just may carry the one message that is the game-changer for your best life. You don’t want to miss this! Grab your spot in THE LUMINOUS INTERIORS show!