Releasing Clutter With Gratitude and Intention

For many people, the final step in the clutter clearing process can be difficult. Have you ever chosen items you plan to let go of and placed them into bags and boxes, then find yourself hesitating to take the next step of disposing or donating those items? Have you ever kept the bags for weeks or months and found yourself rifling through them and retrieving things? You’re not alone!

Gratitude and intention will help you let go.


Marie Kondo suggests a wonderful way to let go of the things in your life that are no longer loved or useful. She recommends thanking each item you choose to let go of, out loud.

Once you have boxes and bags of items ready to donate or dispose of, take a moment to be grateful for these items.

You can be grateful for how they served you, grateful for the person who gave them to you, or grateful that you have prosperity in your life and were able to afford this stuff. You can also be grateful to these items for showing you what no longer works in your life.

When you express gratitude, you get out of your head and into your heart.


When we’re “in our heads” we often judge ourselves for having clutter or wasting money. Or we find ourselves holding on to our stuff because we’re worried that our needs won’t be met. We settle for things we don’t love and items that don’t reflect our ideals because we are afraid we are not deserving of more. Letting go of these types of items is an act of self-love and trust. You are affirming to yourself that you are worthy of love and signaling to the universe that you know your needs will be met. Gratitude helps us shift from the fear and judgment to love.

Similar to expressing gratitude, when we donate or dispose of our items with intention, we show our stuff respect.

When you clear your clutter, be mindful that you are not cluttering someone else’s life–or the planet!


When we let go of items with intention, we are helping to ensure that our things will be of service to someone else.

Donating items with intention includes making sure items are clean and in good repair; including directions that came with the item if you still have them; helping thrift stores by separating different categories of items into separate bags; and looking for organizations that have a need for your particular items. As you thank your items, you may also wish to take a moment to silently set an intention that your items serve someone else for their highest and greatest good.

Letting go with intention also means determining what can and can’t be used again. As more and more people are recognizing the value of clutter clearing, thrift stores are being inundated with items they can’t use. If an item can’t be used again, recycle or dispose of it in an earth-friendly manner.

When you take care of the items you choose to give away, they have a better chance of finding a new home or purpose.

Letting Go
Gratitude and intention not only makes the final step of donating and disposing our items much easier, it allows us to enjoy the benefits of clutter clearing so much more.

The goal of clearing clutter is to free up space in our homes, our lives, and our psyches. If we are judging and fearful when we let go, we often won’t experience that lightness and freedom. But when we let go with a grateful heart and clear intention to be in loving service, we will truly feel clutter-free.

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