Always Overestimate the Power of Gratitude


If there were only two practices to adopt to create a conscious home for a life you love they would be to live with what you love and be grateful. Love your home and everything in it and then be grateful for all of it…

As we go about creating our ideal homes always overestimate the power of gratitude. When we take the time to appreciate our home and everything in it, we instantly transform our energy and the energy in our home.

I was recently inspired by a training I took with Marie Kondo. When she begins a consultation she kneels by the front door and asks the home to show her how she may serve her clients. For years, I have communicated with my home by taking a moment to touch my hand to the front door. Since Kondo’s training, I now get down on my knees to commune with my home. Sometimes I ask for assistance with a space clearing and sometimes I am just thanking my home for all it provides me and my family. There is something incredibly powerful about the act of getting down on your knees and thanking your home. I feel connected to my home in a way I had not felt before and I experience a deeper, more expressive love for my home. In turn, I feel embraced and nurtured by my home even more than I had in the past.

Equally transformative is the act of actively appreciating all of the things in my home that serve me with such modesty. I am grateful for everything in my home — from mundane, utilitarian objects to my most cherished and loved treasures. As Kondo suggests, thanking these objects either out loud or silently and simply cleaning and caring for them demonstrates my gratitude.

A great deal can be gained by appreciating our homes. When you interact with you surroundings and the things within it with gratitude, you will feel differently about your home.

Start now…
1. Just inside your front door, get down on your knees and thank your home.
2. For one day try to be mindful of every object you interact with in your home and thank these objects for their service.  Appreciate how these objects serve you – whether it is functional, makes your day a bit easier, inspires you with its beauty, reminds you of a special time or person, or simply brings you joy.

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