Creating Your Own Healthy Cleaning Products

Next time you walk into a room that has recently been cleaned with conventional cleaning products notice how your body reacts. If you take a deep breath do you cough or sneeze? Does the room smell fresh or does it smell more like chemicals? Although for years we – like most people – associated that chemical smell with cleanliness, once we switched to all natural cleaning products, we could never go back.

Conventional household cleaning products contain harsh chemicals including ammonia and phenol, which can irritate your skin and lungs, and cause headaches. These products are also one of the leading causes of indoor air pollution. So instead of cleaning your home, you’re actually polluting the air you breathe! In fact the EPA says pollution inside the home can be two to five times higher inside a home than outside even in large industrialized cities!

In our blog, The Joy of Natural Cleaning Products and in this video, we talk about how to make simple, effective cleaning products with just a few ingredients. These cleaning solutions are better for you and better for the planet!

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