Spring Cleaning and Clutter Clearing

It’s spring! And before the bunny comes and goes and the eggs have all been found and collected, it’s time for our second favorite annual springtime tradition – spring cleaning! We suggest starting with a good clutter clearing session followed by a thorough (and healthy) cleaning.

Here are our favorite tips and video demonstrations to inspire and guide you this spring:

Clutter Clearing:

You can find everything you need to start de-cluttering in our Guide for Clearing Clutter

Have kids? Then you may need our Solutions for Your Children’s Clutter

Does your closet need some attention? In this video, Alison clears the clutter out of her own closet while giving you lots of helpful tips in Spring Cleaning: How to Clear the Clutter in Your Closet

Give the process a deeper meaning by Clearing Your Clutter with Intention


Clean the all natural way by discovering The Joy of All Natural Cleaning Products

Did you know you can even clean the energy in a room? Check out our Simple Steps to Clear the Energy in Your Home

In this video, Laura demonstrates how easy it can be to clear the energy in your home in Space Clearing: How to Clear the Energy in a Room

Do you want to have an extra tidy sock drawer? Check out Marie Kondo’s video of the KonMari folding method for the perfect sock and underwear drawer!

Happy Spring!

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