Seven Steps to Maximize the Love in Your Life

Love is all around you, you just need to know how to tap into it! Below are a few simple steps from our book “Love at Home” to help maximize the love in your life!

1. Be Love

Believe it or not you don’t need another person to experience love. You can love yourself, your job, your dog, your hobbies, your friends, your family,  your co-workers, or even your barista. Who and what you love is a choice that is in your power. For example, when grappling with a decision ask yourself, “what would love do?” If you want more love in your life, just start loving.

2. Love Yourself First

There is an expression that in order to love another you must first learn to love yourself. If you don’t have the ability to love yourself, how can you possibly love and nurture another? Learn to have a loving, accepting, and compassionate relationship with yourself.

Simple ways to nurture yourself…

  • Give yourself time to do what you love. If your free time is booked with activities such as errands, business dinners, and catching up on work, be sure to set aside time to engage in your favorite pastimes and activities.
  • Treat yourself to a spa day. Either book yourself into a nice spa or have a spa day at home by taking a bubble bath and giving yourself a pedicure
  • Be more forgiving of your past mistakes. We all make mistakes, you’ve learned from them, now forgive yourself and move forward.
  • Eat well. Take the time to enjoy nutritious, healthy meals.

3. Love Your Home

We’ve said it before and we’re going to say it again… a great way to love yourself is to give yourself a beautiful home that nurtures and inspires you. Your home is one of the few places in the world that is truly just about you. So honor yourself by creating a space that you love that feeds your spirit. For more tips about Living with What You Love, click here.

4. Love Your Family & Friends

A great way to begin receiving love is to give love. There are few things more important than family and good friends, so let those close to you know how much you appreciate them. You can do something small such as sending them a note letting them know how much you appreciate their friendship or love, or you could do something grand, such as throwing all your friends a dinner party or planning a family get-away. You also don’t have to do anything so obvious: simply accompanying a friend to the gym who is trying to start a workout routine, making your spouse or kids a favorite meal, or offering to drive a family member to the airport, are small gestures that will make your friends and family feel loved. Remember that what you put out, you get back, so be there for them in the same way you hope they will be there for you.

5. Love Your Job & Hobbies

Think of your job not just as a means to make money but as a large part of your journey through life. Think of all the time you spend at work; if you’re happy at work, you are spending a good part of your life happy. If you’re unsatisfied at work, take the time to re-evaluate your job and your career ambitions. In the meantime, make a choice to love what you can; instead of thinking, “I hate my job,” choose to find something that you love about it—even if it’s just a funny co-worker or the beautiful view from your office window. And remember to carve out time to enjoy your favorite hobbies and activities.

6. Speak the Language of Love

Be aware of your language. The more you think about something, the more energy you give it and the more likely it will become a reality.The best way to begin changing your thoughts is to change your language. If you hear yourself saying something negative, for example “there are no good men out there,” or, “all the men I date are jerks,” then you will undoubtedly have these ideas reflected back to you. Try to re-frame what you say, such as “I haven’t met the man I’m looking for yet, but I know I will soon,” or, “I’ve learned a lot from the men I’ve dated in the past and now know more about what I’m looking for.” Of course everyone needs a good venting session every now and again, but make sure you’re not constantly being negative.

7. Be Grateful for Love

Gratitude instantly shifts us to a place of loving. Be grateful for all the love you have in your life. By being thankful you are acknowledging that what you desire on some level already exists, and your intention and feelings of gratitude will help manifest your desires that much sooner. Expressing gratitude for all the love in your life can become a daily practice. Each night before bed you can make a written, verbal, or mental list of all the things that you love. Include a few things on the list that happened that day, no matter how challenging your day may have been. For more on the power of gratitude, click here.

Happy Valentines Day!!

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