Here we are… our final video (not forever, just in this free series), How to Make Simple Changes to Your Home to Change Your Life. We hoped you enjoyed our videos What Your Home is Saying About You and The Key to Being Clutter Free.

In this final video we get right to the heart of using your home as a source of support, inspiration, and a powerful tool for transformation. Through a 3 step process, Laura will show you how to use your home to manifest your dreams. And there’s no better time to set your intentions and start manifesting your dreams then the beginning of a new year.

But before you dive in we want to say, thank you! We are so happy you joined us and we are so grateful for your comments, insights, questions and shares. And, if you enjoyed this information and experienced how making simple changes to your home can transform your life we want to let you that we have a lot more to share in our course, 5 Practices to Change Your Home and Life!

Free Video Three: How to make simple changes in your home to realize your dreams. from Inspired Everyday Living on Vimeo.

To your dream home and life,
Laura and Alison