Preparing for the Holidays: Simplify Your Gift Giving

Giving gifts is one of the joys of the holiday season. And it feels great to make someone happy when you give a thoughtful, meaningful gift. Here are a few ideas to celebrate the season with gifts, while still keeping the excess to a minimum!

1) Instead of material gifts consider giving your time such as cooking someone dinner or babysitting for a friend or relative. Or if you live far away from loved ones or don’t see one another often, perhaps the greatest gift is simply your presence. In our family, the adults have decided not to give one another gifts as we feel being together is the best gift we can give each other. But we still enjoy giving all the kids presents!

2) You may also consider giving someone the gift of a cool experience such as a night out, a trip, a surfing lesson, a wine tasting at a local vineyard, a painting class, etc…

3) Make a donation to a favorite charity in honor of someone. Does the person you’re choosing a gift for have a cause they support? Or do you know of a charity that’s in alignment with their interests? Consider giving the gift that gives back

4) Give green gifts. Check out Tree Huggers Green Gift Guide for products from companies who care about the earth, their employees and the materials they use to make their product.

5) Try wrapping presents with recycled paper or choose boxes and cloth gift bags, which can be used again for years to come. Recycled wrapping paper is now available at many stores. A few of our favorites include Greenfield Paper Company and Fish Lips Design. For eco-friendly gift tags we like Viva Terra’s Bamboo cards.

6) Make your own holidays cards from materials you have at home or buy cards made from recycled paper.

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