How to Make the Most of a Move

When you move to a new home you have a fantastic opportunity to reinvent your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to a new country or a new apartment in the same building—you’re not just setting up a new home, you’re creating a new way of living.

Between the two of us, my sister and I have moved nine times in the past ten years. Finding ourselves both in moving mode once again, we think now is the perfect time to share with you how to take full advantage of this life change. So pause before packing, set your intentions, and make the most of your move with these practical tips for an easy, organized and enjoyable moving day!

1. Intention. Set aside some time to set intentions for your life in your new home. How do you want to feel in your new home? What are the qualities of your ideal home? Do you have specific goals that you want to manifest? Write down your intentions.

2. Clear. Start clutter clearing as soon as you even think about the possibility of moving. This is the time to start fresh! Only bring with you the things in your life that you are in a loving relationship with. Every item you bring into your new home and life should lift your spirits up. Each object should be either loved, beautiful and/or useful—and ideally all three! Just consider the cost of moving the item (wrapping, packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning it and finding a place for it) is it worth all that time and energy? This is a great opportunity to let go of anything and everything that is not serving your idea of your best self and life. So give it away to someone who could use, sell it, or donate it.

3. Clean. Before you bring anything into your new space, physically clean every inch of the space. It is much easier to clean an empty space and the only way to truly start fresh. Also make sure everything you bring into your home is clean. Even “old” items from your current home will feel new if you clean them before bringing them into your new space. Dust, launder, dry clean and of course repair any broken items before moving them into your new space.

4. Energy Cleanse. Once the space is physically clean, clean the energy. Cleansing the energy is your chance to remove any stagnant energy that may have built up from previous occupants or in the case of a new home, the construction process. It is essential to have an energetic clean slate and then to fill the space with your intentions and positive energy.

5. Plan. Take time to think about where your things will go. While you will most likely want to experiment, it helps to have a general idea about furniture lay-out before moving in. Even more importantly, think about your storage needs. One of the ways to make the move go smoothly and quickly is if you have a place for everything you will be unpacking. Do you need to build in some shelves or buy furniture to house certain items?

6. Pack. You can hire a mover to pack everything for you, partially pack, or go DIY. Most important is to only pack items that have passed the useful, beautiful and loved test and to make sure the items are clean and in working order. Whether you are DIY or have movers, be ready on moving day. Don’t make the mistake—especially if you have movers—of letting the truck go before everything is in it. It is tempting to leave some things for later—thinking you can just put them in your car or it is not that much—but you will be amazed at how much stuff is in the final haul! If you are moving close by it is worth it to hand carry over some items. Lampshades and certain art, glassware or other fragle items require so much material to make the move safely it will often save money and time to simply (and carefully) hand carry them. I don’t however suggest trying to do this with your entire move. I have tried it and there will be so much more than you think and it is ultimately most efficient to pack the majority of your belongings in a truck.

7. Label. It can be helpful, particularly in large homes to have a sign next to each room with the name of the room. Also label your boxes with the room the box will go to as well as a number. On a separate sheet of paper list the contents of the numbered box.

8. Storage. It is almost always best not to store unless you are certain you will use the items again you are storing. If you do need to store, then photograph each item and write the dimensions of the item on the photograph. You will be amazed how quickly you will forget what you own. A sure sign you probably don’t need it! We had clients who moved furniture into storage for ten years and then ended up having to pay the storage company to take the furniture from them when they finally realized they did not have any use for it!

9. First night. Pack a suitcase that has everything you need for the first two nights. Clothes, bathroom articles, computer, work items or financial items. Find a safe, out of the way place for these things before the move begins. Chances are you will be exhausted after the move and the last thing you need is to be searching for things before bed.

10. Eat. Decide how you and the movers (or anyone who is helping you) will eat. Keep your blood sugar levels stable as you will need the energy! Have take-out menus ready or bring food and drinks.

11. Prioritize. Focus on setting up the bed first, followed by the kitchen and then the bathroom.

12. Boxes. See if the moving company will take away boxes. If you have labeled everything they should be pretty self-sufficeint so you will have time to unpack boxes as they unload. It is wonderful to have these boxes taken away at the end of the day.

13. Take care of your old home. Take the time to bless your old place and prepare it for the next occupants. Say good-bye, give thanks, think about the good memories you would like to take with you. Clean your old home or arrange to have someone clean it.

14. Celebrate. No need to wait to have people over. Welcome visitors—especially visitors who bring food or are willing to unpack a box! Beloved friends and family will make it feel like a home in no time at all.

15. Dream. Make your dreams come true and invest in the space – whatever that means to you. The more you love your home, the more it will love you back. One easy to way to make sure you love your new home is to be sure you have one beautiful thing that you love in each room, even if it is temporary like an orchid or flowers. Then focus on your dreams, if you want more abundance in your life, make the space feel abundant with fabulous bedding or a fridge stocked with yummy foods. Or if you want more more peace, create a calm, peaceful interior or a meditation space, etc. Remember, whatever you are bringing into your home, you are bringing into your life.

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