Homemaking Our Way to Happiness…

Often in a search for happiness we seek things that are “out there.” It’s easy to imagine that happiness will come from realizing material and external goals. But we believe that true and enduring happiness lies right at your fingertips, in your very own home through a practice called homemaking.

At some point in time, homemaking fell from grace and the role of homemaker was diminished. Chances are that many of us would not comfortably—much less proudly—declare, “I am a homemaker.” Yet the quality of the many moments we have at home—from the mundane to the extraordinary—determine the quality of our lives and our families’ lives. Homemaking is about so much more than cleaning, picking up, entertaining and cooking. Homemaking is about caring for ourselves, our families and ultimately contributing to our communities and the world.

Homemaking is about creating a foundation from which we operate everyday, a sanctuary where we or our family retreat every night, a nurturing place where we feel supported to be who we are and who we want to be. When we create a home that is in alignment with our values and supports our dreams, we can find happiness and peace in the everyday moments that make up the majority of our lives… and those feelings of happiness and peace ripple out and affect those around us. To us, this means if you want to change the world, you can begin at home.

Here’s how…
– Build stronger communities by helping neighbors in need.
– Make the world a kinder place, by raising children who are kind, confident, happy and give back to others.
– Save the environment by recycling, composting, decorating with nontoxic materials and using all natural cleaning products.
– Vote with your dollars by being a conscious consumer and spending wisely.
– Simplify your life so you can focus on what really matters.
Be grateful for the everyday things, like a good meal, time with friends and family, and a comfortable home.

So are you a homemaker? A homemaker may be single, married with children or without, working outside of the home or not, man or woman—anyone who has a home, is at home within, or makes others feel at home… A homemaker is someone changing the world, one step, one person, and one home at a time.

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