Simplifying Your Child’s Room

I’m happy to say, I just finished clearing my children’s playroom! This is the one room I avoided when I was doing my New Year’s clutter clearing—and for good reason! It is amazing to me what can my younger son can accumulate in this room. He loves to build and create and won’t let a single cardboard box, twist tie, paper bag (or any other interesting material) escape from our house, So you can imagine what I signed myself up for when I decided to tackle the playroom.

There wasn’t a single clear surface in his entire space and although usually excited about clutter clearing, I had a moment of hesitation—where to begin? Then I realized, in a situation like this there is no good place to start. I just needed to dive in and that’s just what I did.

I did not have a plan like I usually I do, I did not have bags and boxes ready as normal, I just knew I needed to get it done. So I called for my older son to run and get garbage bags (a fellow “neatnick” he was happy to oblige) and got to work. My husband must have appreciated just what a big task it was and also joined in.

We were still finishing the room after my son went to bed that night so he didn’t get to see the results until the next day. In the morning, I heard him get up and go down to his playroom and then come running upstairs. He said, “Mommy, it is a whole new room.” Well that right there made it all worth it. And believe me, I was just as excited as he was. It felt like Christmas morning. My husband and I spent a good deal of time just hanging out in his room that day, admiring our handiwork, and in awe of the transformation. The room felt great.

And I felt great. I knew that this simple act of clearing was a way of loving my son. And I was reminded of the power of our surroundings to create peace and bring balance into our lives.

Here is what I learned:

– Environment matters. Children care about, and are influenced by, their environments just as much as we are (and perhaps even more so).

– A simple, functional, clean space filled with beautiful and useful things that are loved will calm, nurture, and inspire a child.

– The best way to teach a young child the joys of a clutter-free and organized space is to provide it for them. We can expect a young child to help put things away, but sorting and clearing is our job.

– Just because a child may seem indifferent to a cluttered space does not mean they are. A child just may not know any better. But when we create a simple, clean, clutter-free environment for them, then as they grow they will want to create it for themselves.

So if you’re intimidated by the idea of clutter clearing your child’s room, just dive in—start anywhere and with anything—it’s worth it!

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