New Year, Fresh Start!

Start Fresh! Many people start the New Year by making resolutions, but it can be challenging to make a change when we’re surrounded by reminders of the past. Sometimes our homes are arranged or decorated in a way that keeps old habits, ideas, patterns, and feelings in place. Many of us have had the experience of feeling like a new person when we’re on a vacation and while away we make lifestyle changes easily and adopt new habits, but the ideas, changes, or values we so easily embraced when we were away are often more difficult to maintain or apply at home. Often this is because we have changed, but our home still reflects our old self. For example, if you go to a spa and learn healthier eating habits, but return home to a pantry stocked with unhealthy food, or a home office where the desk faces the kitchen (focusing your attention on eating), it will be difficult to maintain your new eating habits. Creating a fresh environment by letting go of the things that no longer reflect your goals is one of the most effective and easy ways to make a change in your life.

Say no to what you don’t want in your life. Keep in mind that sometimes you first need to say no to what you don’t want in your life in order to make space for the things you do want. Holding on to six different types of cake pans when you hate to cook or a bicycle when you haven’t biked in two years is a waste. By recognizing that something is no longer “you” and by clearing out what you no longer use, you will help make time and space for activities that are really important to you, and you may even discover new activities you enjoy. For example, if you are dating someone who you know is not truly compatible, you are preventing a more suitable partner from entering your life. You will find yourself in many situations where you might have met someone new, but because you were seen as “taken,” you were not approached. Better to let go, be on your own, and create the space so that someone who will truly meet your needs can approach you. Similarly with your home, if it’s filled with things that you don’t use and keep you anchored or stuck in past habits and routines, you’re not creating space or giving yourself the best chance to find and allow new habits, ideas and routines to form… Sometimes we need to make space even when we don’t know what will next fill that space. It is important to be comfortable with a state of “not knowing.” For tips about letting go and clutter clearing, click here… For tips about embracing the unknown, click here

Reflecting Your Highest Idea of Yourself: Clear out anything in your home that does not reflect your best self. A great way to attract new people, ideas, and opportunities is by feeling successful. When our surroundings remind us of how great we are and who we are becoming, we get there that much faster. The adage “out with the old and in with the new” truly applies here. Imagine you want to paint a peaceful landscape, but the only canvas you have is already painted with a colorful, loud abstract painting. You can paint over it section by section, but it will take more paint and energy to cover up what was there and as you paint you will be influenced by the feeling, vibe and colors of the older painting. Now imagine painting, on a fresh, clean white canvas. Your home is your canvas—give yourself the gift of a fresh start by getting rid of what you don’t want and what no longer serves you! And then once you have a clean slate, you can start joyfully adding the things you do want in your life. For tips on how to reflect your dreams in your home, click here... or for tips about supporting your New year’s resolutions in your home, click here

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