Ten Ways to Celebrate Everyday Living

So often our attention is drawn to the big events in life—such as birthdays, promotions, graduations—those that have  happened and those we anticipate. Our friend, Dane Findley, likes to call them the “Oscar moments.” Yet, it is the little everyday moments—such as eating, getting dressed, working, caring for children, running errands, walking the dog—that make up the majority of our lives.

The quality of the many moments we have at home—from the mundane to the extraordinary—determine the quality of our lives.  In this light, the quality and presence we bring to these moments is essential. Homemaking matters.

We want to arrange our home and life so we can be fully present for these day-to-day moments with ourselves and our loved ones. After all, this is it—this is life. As we have said before, life is in the pauses, the in-betweens, the path to somewhere, and in the process of getting things done—life is now.

Below are ten ideas of how to celebrate everyday living. How do you celebrate?

1. Find ways to turn the ordinary into extraordinary, such as elevating a family dinner to a dinner party—mostly by simply calling it a dinner party and perhaps by adding candles, flowers, and a special treat.
2.  Create your own mini-holidays by bringing ritual and rhythm to your week—such as a Friday movie and dinner night at home.
3. Stay present as you cook, wash dishes, and clean. Make it special by playing music or using cleaning products with a great scent.
4. Treat yourself well now—use the best dishes and napkins everyday.
5. Light candles for your bath and your children’s bath.
6. Take a walk after dinner.
7. Turn on music and dance.
8. Keep fresh flowers in your home all the time, not just when you expect company.
9. Go to bed early with  your favorite book or stack of magazines.
10. Allow yourself to do absolutely nothing—to let go of efficiency and to-do lists  and time. Follow your heart.

A Welcome Home sign Laura’s youngest created for his big brother to greet him when he returned from an overnight field trip. Dinner that night was a welcome home party.

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