You Can’t Do it ALL

I have recently accepted that I can’t do it all… at least not well… at least not sanely, nor simply… and at least not at one time. And this is not a bad thing! As it has come to really matter to me how I feel as I get things done, not just if I can get them done. I have a strong need to live peacefully, with intention. And I have a desire to be present in the moment rather than just moving through it.

I think the idea that women “can do, and have, it all” was intended to free us, but my guess is that I am not the only woman who instead has felt tremendous pressure and at times diminished and inadequate when feeling that she can’t do it all or perhaps she somehow has managed to do it all, but is reeling from the hidden costs to her health, inner peace or relationships.

To me, it becomes a question of whether the journey matters… do I value the process or results? Do I want to prioritize the trip or the destination? This is how I answered those questions: If how I am with myself and others matters… if my inner state of being and the quality of my experience matters… if the moment and my presence in the moment is all there is… then I suspect I will live more compassionately, consciously, truthfully, and peacefully when I accept that I can’t have it all.

It seems that once you surrender and accept you can’t do it all—you end up having it all (albeit perhaps a redefined “all”) and more. That remains to be seen, but I will surely keep you posted.

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