Simple Summer

We wanted to share a new summer passion—drink dispensers!

We got this recycled glass dispenser from Pottery Barn. We have been enjoying making all kinds of flavored water—pineapple, watermelon, orange and strawberry are favorites.

Drink dispensers make it easy (and fun)  for the kids to get their own drink of water—a huge plus as I tend to get impatient when I am asked to get water for perfectly capable children ten times a day simply because they don’t want to get up on the stool to reach the faucet.

We also came up with a solution for the problem of each member of our family using ten different glasses a day because they can’t remember which glass they used and heaven forbid they should drink out of another family member’s glass! Our solution is to each choose a different color rubber band and place it on the bottom of the glass.

We have also been using our drink dispenser for homemade Italian Cream Soda.  I came across this recipe on the inspiring blog Dreamy Whites. The cream soda has been a huge hit at our dinner parties!

We hope you’re taking time to slow down and enjoy the many delicious summer moments. If you haven’t quite found your way to the present moment, try clearing your inner clutter so you can focus on the here and now.

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