Enjoying the Space

More and more I find my efforts in my home are less about decorating and more about editing, streamlining, and simplifying both my home and life so I am more present for what is. Unfettered by things, I am more available—free to go with the flow, join the dance, or hop on the moving train that is life. My source of happiness comes from stripping away to reveal what is already present. More being and less doing!

If you have joined us in our spring cleaning and clutter clearing you most likely have created space not only in your home, but also in yourself and your life. Now that you have cleared and created space—live in it.  Resist the urge to fill it up with more stuff!

I remember a few years ago—after finding some degree of closure after very stressful and all-consuming events in my life—I finally had some physical time and space to myself again. During the difficult times, I started meditating daily to help me deal with the circumstances, so I was also experiencing an inner spaciousness that I had never felt before. But I had barely tasted this newfound feeling, nor enjoyed having more time when new ideas, opportunities and “stuff” rushed in to fill up the space. I decided it was time to adopt a dog and I chose to head a huge project. Luckily I did not adopt a dog at that time, but I did take on the project. The project ended poorly because in hindsight I realize the project felt ”right” not because it was in alignment with where I was at the time, but rather because filling up the empty space with stuff to do, felt familiar.

Instead of filling up the space in your life, enjoy the breathing room you’ve created. Embrace the unknown. Enjoy not knowing what will come next. Breathe into the newly created space. Get comfortable with yourself. Let the “space” fill you up rather than the other way around. If projects or ideas come to mind, write them down, but consider waiting before taking action. This is what I’m trying to do now… nothing.

A friend wondered if I would be bored moving to a small mountain town from busy Los Angeles. Maybe it is a result of having two young children, but I would love to feel bored! To feel that I have nothing to do for awhile sounds luxurious! Of course, in the past it’s been my nature to find things to do, to start a new project, but I’m resisting. So wish me luck… I hope to simply enjoy the space I’ve created for myself and my family this summer!

You worked hard to create this new lightness, clarity, and spaciousness in your home and life—cherish it!

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