Free and Clear!

The more we clear clutter, the freer we feel.

Make this spring the time to clear your clutter and claim your freedom. The less stuff we have to care for, clean, repair, maintain and organize the more time, space and energy we have for what’s truly meaningful to us.

Join us as we embark on one of our favorite springtime activities: cleaning and clearing.  Over the next several weeks, we will share our thoughts and tips on simplifying. And, as always, our journey is not only about transforming our outer worlds—our homes and surroundings—but our inner worlds as well. As we bring more balance and peace to our “outer world” we bring these same qualities to our “inner world.” So as we are clearing our homes, we are clearing our Selves.

What is clutter?

Clutter is anything that we do not love. We may love things for their beauty, usefulness, comfort, healthfulness, support, and sentiment or for the memories and positive emotions they evoke. We may also love things because they are an expression of our values or who we are. Every item in our home should either make our day easier or make our heart sing (or at least give our energy a boost each time we see or use it).

Clutter can take many forms from broken or unused objects to emotional and energetic baggage. Occasionally clutter is something that’s out in the open that we trip over or gets in our way. Other times clutter is something that’s tucked away in our closet (or in the back of our mind), that silently weighs on us and takes up space that could be used for something else. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves as we’ll discuss specific types of clutter in more detail in our next post… For now, just keep in mind that anything less than love, is clutter.

Why clear?

Clutter drains our energy, depletes our resources and eats up our time. Clutter holds us back, distracts us from our purpose and can come between us and those we love. Clutter ties us to the past, is a source of conflict, and often makes us feel badly about ourselves. While simplified surroundings promote harmony, peace, clarity, creativity, and freedom.  A clutter-free environment that reflects who we are, inspires us with beauty and houses only cherished belongings and functional items brings out the best in us and affords us the time and energy to focus on what really matters.

What can you do to get started today?

Commit to fifteen minutes a day for the next week. If you are an experienced and passionate clutter-clearer and have your process down give it fifteen minutes a day and do your thing! Try making the 15 minutes a daily habit.

If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, get a timer and set it for fifteen minutes and then grab a basket or bag and simply go through one drawer or one part of your closet per day (for example, just start with shoes and then the next day go through one rack or one shelf). You can also divide a room into sections—one day focus on your media cabinet, the next a magazine rack, etc. Or to really get the energy moving, you can also do a quick run through the whole house. Set the clock for fifteen minutes and start grabbing clutter and putting it in the bag. Try gathering as much as you can within the time limit. Don’t worry about whether you got it all, don’t spend time deliberating, and don’t organize—take the things that come easily. Throw out whatever is trash and put the rest in a bag and find a place to donate it all as soon as possible.

Just fifteen minutes a day will get the energy moving and start the shift… Don’t worry about how much you’ve done or what’s left to do, just get the process started! And we’ll be back next week with our next tip…

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