An Earth-Friendly Thanksgiving Table

An Eco-Friendly, Green Holiday

A few years ago we were honored to be asked by one of our favorite magazines, Traditional Home, to design an earth-friendly Thanksgiving table. We recently found pictures from the photo shoot and thought we’d share how we transformed a breakfast room into a very special, eco-friendly holiday table.

Before we began our holiday table transformation, this was a breakfast room with a lovely, solid wood table in a beautiful alcove. The gorgeous trees in the background helped inspire our forest theme.

As Thanksgiving is about expressing gratitude, we thought this would be a wonderful time to give thanks to our planet by creating a table setting using earth-friendly materials. Instead of using a tablecloth, we decided to go straight to Mother Nature herself! Our friend and fabulous florist, Mary Burton, suggested using moss (if you decide to try the moss “tablecloth,” be sure to protect your table by laying down wax paper or plastic first). The moss gave the table a magical feel, like we were having a picnic in the middle of a forest.

We then found bamboo place mats, recycled glass goblets and water glasses, recycled aluminum placecard holders, and hemp napkins. The eco-friendly table was coming together! And then we discovered a local ceramicist at, Soule Studio, and we found one of the highlights of the table—copper, gold, and platinum-fringe dinner plates.

To complete the table we found vases made from a sustainable wood and Mary created a few more vases by wrapping birch bark from fallen trees around simple glass containers. We then filled them with in-season, local, blooming branches and surrounded them with figs and dried babao pods to make the table feel even more like the forest floor. Finally, just for fun, we added little wire nests with organic chocolate “eggs” in front of each placemat.

We love decorating with nature! And if you have children, asking them to help collect leaves, pinecones, and branches for the centerpiece is a wonderful way to get them involved with the holiday meal. We are also big fans of using products made from healthy, sustainable materials. One of our favorite resources is Viva Terra, but fortunately green products are now readily available in many stores.

Click here to see more pictures and read the full article“Earth Angels” in Traditional Home.
Or to contact our wonderful florist Mary Burton, please call 310-721-0948.

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