Homemaking as an Art and Science

This month in our series of conversations with people we believe practice inspired everyday living, we’re speaking with Dane Findley. Dane is a lifestyle designer who enjoys sharing entertaining information about the science and art of life extension to help others live the longest and best life possible! We have known Dane for many years and found we share a similar desire to support others in caring for their homes and themselves. We always feel inspired after speaking with Dane and hope you do, too!

What is the meaning of home for you?
Home is the spiritual foundation from which you build good works and make a positive difference in the world.

What inspires you about your home? How does it make you feel?
The simpler my home becomes, the more I enjoy it.  The key to happiness is simplicity. My spouse and I just drove a carload of items to our local charity thrift store. We’re creating space for more joy!

Do you have any favorite everyday rituals?
I use daily checklists, called “quotidians.”  They are fun to use and help me to stay on track throughout the day. I have one called “personal” and one called “professional.”  I created a free eBook called “The Dane Technique: using checklists to become outrageously organized!” which is available via my site, instantDane.tv.

If you were moving, what three things would you take with you?
My Vitamix blender, my food processor, and my organic latex mattress (I was going to say My MacBook Pro and iPhone, but that’s like saying I’d move with my wristwatch and socks – I mean, I practically wear the things!).
Click here to check out Dane’s healthy, delicious, smoothie and juice recipes.

As a culture, what aren’t we understanding about the home that we need to?
We have denigrated homemaking, and it’s causing a fracture in the psyche of America. Indirectly, but unmistakably, it’s helping narcissism to proliferate.

We must return status to the homemaker.  Homemaking is a noble endeavor — an art and a science.  Somehow, one of the casualties of the 70s ideology was that homemaking became perceived as frivolous. The truth is exactly the opposite—the mental and physical health of our culture hinges on returning high status to homemakers.

Male or female, married or single, parent or without-children:  homemaking is important no matter who does it.  The 70s ideology said, “equal pay for equal work.” Absolutely! But you know what I say? “equal status for equal work.” The home is where we nourish, heal, restore and recharge our spirits, our minds, and our bodies, and whoever facilitates that is a sort of modern-day shaman and deserves our reverence.

If your home had a voice what would it say?
“I am an expression of your serenity.”

How does your home reflect who you are?
Your home reveals the healthy ways that you manage the daily anxiety and chaos of modern life.  Opening someone’s refrigerator is like looking into the current condition of their psyche.

Please name one change you have made in your home that has transformed your life in some way.
About 15 years ago, I bought my first labelmaker, and never looked back!

Dane at home…

How do you feel about your day-to-day living? If you could change one thing about how spend your time, or bring one new quality into your home and life, what would it be?
Once again, I’m returning to meditation. Life can move at such a pace, that a month feels like a week, and a year feels like a month. It goes by so quickly. Meditation helps me to be more fully present. It makes time feel differently, and I like that.

What inspired you to start your business?
To help people live longer and more meaningfully.

To learn more about Dane visit his website InstantDane.TV. Dane and his crew also enjoy helping international clients with their real estate needs, including those who are relocating to the Southwestern US — Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and Tucson. Reach Dane directly at 760-902-2277.

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