Feng Shui Your Office

Take a moment to consider all the time you spend in your office; if you’re happy at work, you are spending a good part of your life happy. When you think of your job not just as a means to make money, but as a large part of your journey through life, then naturally you will want to work in inspiring surroundings. After all, some people spend almost as much time at work as they do at home, so why not create an office that’s just as appealing as your home.

A great way to enhance your work environment is to apply Feng Shui principles. In fact, many successful companies and professionals use Feng Shui to increase profits and efficiency including Coca Cola and Steve Wynn. A clean, well-organized, healthy, attractive workspace will make not only you, but your fellow employees, happier and more productive.

Of course we understand that you can’t always control all aspects of your work environment. Unless you’re the boss or you work from home, your ability to redecorate or move furniture around the office may be limited, but we’ve listed a few tips that almost everyone should be able to apply.

Ten Tips To Feng Shui Your Office



– Place Your Furniture in the Command Position: In Feng Shui, the Command Position, also known as the Power Position, is used to describe the place in a room where a person will feel the most protected and empowered. The Command Position is where you have a view of the door (without being directly in front of the door) and, ideally, a solid wall behind your back. Placing desk chairs in the Command Position will allow you to feel more in control. Powerful offices are usually arranged so the person sitting at the desk has the most commanding view of the room—just think of the Oval Office. Sitting in the Command Position in your office is also beneficial for two other reasons. First, it allows you to concentrate and focus more fully without being distracted by what is happening behind you, and, second, this position symbolizes facing your opportunities. For more about the Command Position read our blog: Support Yourself at Home and in the Office

– Enhance the Career and Wealth & Prosperity Corners of your office. Just as in acupuncture different parts of your body correspond to different organs, in Feng Shui different parts of your home affect different areas of your life. In Feng Shui there are nine main areas in your home that correspond to areas of your life, including a Career and Wealth & Prosperity area. Using the Easy Feng Shui With Augmented Reality App, locate these areas in your office and enhance them with objects you love. Place healthy, growing plants or a water fountain in your Wealth and Prosperity Corner and place a list of career affirmations in your Career area (more suggestions are in the app). Ideally, enhance all the areas, as all the areas are connected. For more about Feng Shui areas and enhancements read our blog: Feng Shui and the Power of Visual Affirmations.

– Anchor your purpose in your office. You will feel much more focused and your outlook will be more positive if your purpose at work is clear. If you love your job, create a mission statement or have objects, artwork, or reminders of your successes at work as well as future goals. If your job is not your “lifework” then place reminders of how your job supports other areas of your life as well—for example a picture of your family reminding you that it helps support your family.

– Replace fluorescent light bulbs with Full-spectrum light bulbs. Full-spectrum bulbs emulate natural sunlight and create a more relaxing atmosphere. If you can’t change overhead fluorescent bulbs in your office, consider turning them off and using lamps instead. Proper lighting will reduce strain on your eyes and your employees’.

– De-clutter your office. Clutter not only looks unprofessional, but In Feng Shui, it drains our time and energy, weighs on our minds, takes up space, and blocks new things and opportunities from coming into our lives. To save space and avoid overflowing file cabinets, try to scan as many documents as possible so you can store them online rather than in file cabinets. Also be sure to remove any old or broken computers and electronics. In Feng Shui, broken items or unused electronics, can negatively affect the energy in a room. If you need to find a recycle center that will take your old computers and electronics visit earth911.com.

– Switch to all natural cleaning products. Conventional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals including ammonia and phenol, which can irritate your skin and lungs, and cause headaches. These products are also one of the leading causes of indoor air pollution. So instead of cleaning your home, you’re actually polluting the air you breathe! Most natural cleaning products are biodegradable, nontoxic, chlorine-free, and petroleum-free – all good for the planet, but better for your body. To avoid exposing yourself and your employees or co-workers to these hazardous pollutants, switch your cleaning supplies for non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaning products. For more about cleaning products read our blog: The Joy of All Natural Cleaning Products.

– Choose an ergonomic office chair that supports your back and encourages good posture. Make sure your desk and keyboard are at comfortable heights to support your back as well.

– Enhance your front entrance. The front entrance to your office is where first impressions are made and the location where visitors are welcomed. In Feng Shui it also believed that your front door is where all the energy that circulates through your space enters bringing abundance, new opportunities and vitality. It is therefore important to make your front entrance as appealing and inviting as possible (particularly if you own a store and attracting customers walking by is important to you). Make sure the path to your front entrance is clear of obstacles such as fallen tree limbs and overgrown bushes and the sidewalk in good repair. You do not want your customers or vital energy to encounter any obstructions when trying to reach your front door. Brighten your front entrance with lights. Make sure your door is well marked so your street or suite number visible from the street and people do not have to search to find the entrance. By clearly marking your front entrance, you are not only helping people find your office, you are signaling to the world that you welcome new opportunities and abundance into your office and into your life. Finally, create an inviting welcome area for visitors and, ideally, make sure visitors are greeted by a person. For about front entrances read our blog: Enhance Your Life by Enhancing Your Front Entrance.

– Create a view. If you don’t have a view, create one with artwork or photos. Select peaceful, relaxing artwork such as a sea or landscape. Or place inspiring pictures on your desk, like photos from your last vacation. To learn more about creating a view read our blog: Change Your View.

– Open windows. A study by the EPA found that pollution inside a home could be two to five times higher than outside the home, even in large, industrialized cities. Opening windows creates a way for unhealthy fumes released from cleaning products, office equipment, carpets etc… to exit and fresh air to enter.

Most importantly, enjoy your work! Happy people are great Feng Shui. To learn more about how to find joy at your current job, or find a job more in line with your dreams, read our blog Finding Your Life Work.

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