Simplifying and Organizing Your Home, Transforms Your Life

Close your eyes and imagine living in a home that is clean, organized, and clutter-free.  Everything in your home is useful, beautiful or cherished and sometimes all three.  Everything has a place and is easily accessible.  And the best part about this vision is that the objects in your home reflect who you are and who you want to be.  You flow through your day with grace and ease supported by the knowledge that everything at home is in order.  Your mind is clear and your energy freed to be in the present moment.  You live inspired by the beautiful surroundings that you have created.  The peace reflected in your home affirms and nurtures your own inner peace. Sounds pretty good, huh?

While this vision sounds appealing, some may find the process of achieving it daunting.  We admit it may require some work and time, but it may require less energy than you think (if you don’t think you have the time, check out our time tip* below) and the investment is worth it!  At the very least, the process of simplifying will support you by streamlining and organizing your life so that you function with maximum ease and efficiency.  At its best, this process allows for reinvention and self-transformation.

As we often say, our homes are a reflection of who we are and when we clear our clutter, organize, and clean we change the reflection.  We may examine where we have been, take inventory of where we are now, and then set intentions for where we want to go.  In this way, we work on ourselves through our homes. And as we clean, simplify and organize, we realize more of our potential.

Five More Reasons to Simplify and Organize Your Home:

1.  Organizing Our Homes is an Act of Self-love and Self-nurturing.  Do you ever feel stressed when you are late for an appointment because getting out the door in the morning is such an effort, ever feel less than confident about what you’re wearing because your favorite outfit isn’t clean, or feel harried because you can’t find your keys or paperwork you need for a meeting?  This is not a great way to go through life.  But when your home is streamlined and organized you are supported in being your highest idea of yourself. Of course, life gets busy and sometimes organization takes a back seat. I can’t say I never lose my keys or always have the perfect outfit. But in the long run, I find being organized helps me relax, makes feel better about myself, and saves me time. So when I’m feeling overwhelmed and busy, taking a little time to organize is one of the best things I can do to take care of myself.

2. Completing Unfinished Business Gives Us More Energy.  Have you ever had the experience of thinking about a phone call you need to make and putting it off for weeks? How many times in those weeks do you think about the call?  Maybe twenty times?  When you don’t complete tasks they weigh on your mind and take away from your energy in the present moment.  If your personal space is filled with unfinished tasks, each time you are reminded of those tasks your energy becomes tied up in those incomplete projects.  We take away from our ability to be clear and present in the moment.  I had been wanting to clean the trunk of my car for months and thought about it every time I opened the trunk or put something in my backseat because the trunk was full. When I finally took the time to clean out the trunk it only took fifteen minutes—I had spent more time thinking about it, then I did doing it!

3. Allow Greater Good to Come Into Our Lives.  When we hold on to things that no longer serve us or are in alignment with who we are, we are taking up space for things to come into are lives that more accurately reflect who we are.  By letting go of what no longer serves you, you make room, both physically and emotionally, for your true desires. I held onto files from an old job that I didn’t love, just in case I needed to get a job like that again. By letting go of those files, I was affirming that I wasn’t going to go back to a job I didn’t love and I made space for files about projects that I was excited about.

4. Learn, Heal and Change Through Our Homes. Letting go of things in our physical reality actually supports us in letting go of things in our consciousness. For example, letting go of letters from an old relationship, may signify moving on. The action of physically letting the letters go, supports our readiness and desire to let the relationship go in our mind and heart. By letting go of the old, we also let go of old ideas of ourselves and we can replace them with a new understanding and thoughts about ourselves that are in alignment with our current values. Any activity done with a conscious mind may serve our self-growth if we take a moment to set intentions.

5.  Bring gratitude into the everyday. When we take a moment to care for, clean, or organize our belongings and homes we are expressing gratitude for our materials blessings and the beautiful environment we have created.  As we enjoy and appreciate what’s around us, we appreciate ourselves, our families and friends, and our homes.

Ready to get started! Check out the below… (we suggest starting with the Our Guide to Clearing Clutter and then using the other blogs as needed).

*Ready to get started, but don’t have a lot of time? You’re not alone! We recommend getting a timer—your phone or a kitchen timer—and every day commit to just five minutes of clutter clearing. It may not seem like you get much done in one day, but you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish after a month of these mini-clutter clearing sessions.

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