Creating a Sensual Home

To me, a sensual home is a place where you feel completely comfortable… when you walk in the door you just want to take a deep breath, relax, kick off your shoes, and slip into something more comfy. It’s still a beautiful, clutter-free, clean environment, but beauty and cleanliness don’t outweigh the importance of making yourself and your guests feel at ease. A sensual home is a place where you can eat chocolate ice cream and drink a glass of red wine on a white sofa.

In many ways, a sensual home has less to do with how you decorate your home (no red satin sheets necessary!), than how you live in your home. It’s a place where you’re fully comfortable to be yourself, whether that means cooking a delicious meal and making a mess in the kitchen while doing it, taking a long afternoon nap in a cozy armchair, eating pizza in bed, curling up with your partner by a fire, or just relaxing… But you can also make your home more sensual by decorating to please the senses.

Tips for Creating a Sensual, Sexy Home

– Decorate with fabrics that feel good. Chenille, velvet, soft cottons, and cashmere are all fabrics that feel good to the touch and make you want to curl up and get cozy. If you don’t want to buy an entire sofa made of these fabrics, invest in a few pillows or throws.

– Choose sensual colors. Warm colors include fire colors such as orange, red and yellow as well as skin tones from beige to chocolate. Again, don’t feel you need to paint your walls red, a little color goes a long way, so often just a few accents are enough. To learn more about the power of colors check out our blog A Colorful Home.

– Use essential oils. Fragrance can awaken the senses. Try using all natural cleaning products that are infused with essential oils and leave behind a beautiful scent. You may also consider making your own air-freshners by simply mixing water and essential oils in a spray bottle. Choose an essential oil like lavender, which is known for its sensual qualities. To make your own cleaning products check out our blog The Joy of All Natural Cleaning Products.

– Stock the kitchen with delicious food. Nothing pleases the senses more like a great meal and the aroma of something yummy cooking in the kitchen. So whether you have a dinner party for ten guests or one, cooking will make your home more inviting.

– Pick comfortable furniture. Often when decorating we put beauty before comfort. But no matter how beautiful a chair, sofa, or bed—if it’s not comfortable too, we’re not going to enjoy it.

– Choose soft, natural lighting. Light candles and build a fire. Simply put, candles and fires are romantic, yet often we save them for special occasions. Instead light candles when having dinner each night and build a fire often. Also, take advantage of natural light as much as possible… let the sunlight and moonlight work their magic. When you need to use artificial light, use task lighting (lamps) so you don’t have to use bright overhead lights. Also, place a few lamps around that use lower wattage bulbs for “mood” lighting.

– Play Music. As Laura’s husband often tells her, “music is love.” I’ve found few things awaken our senses, evoke memories, and touch our souls as much as music. Play your favorite music often or better yet, play your own music or encourage musically inclined friends to share their talents in your home.

– Embrace a little mess. Occasionally things get messy, and often there are good reasons for a little mess, such as hosting a party or house guests. If you’re overly concerned with being clutter-free and organized, you can miss the fun. Next time you have a dinner party, let the dishes wait until after your guests leave. Enjoy the moment! For more on this, read our blog When a Little Mess is a Good Thing.

– Remember beauty inspires. Create a visual feast for your eyes. If you have a great view from your windows you’re already halfway there. If not, create “views” in your home by using artwork, loved objects, vignettes, plants, flowers, striking colors and/or different textures. Each time you look at these appealing objects and views you will be moved and inspired. For more about views, check out our blog Change Your View.

If you’d like to learn more about creating a sexy, sensual home, look for the book The Sensual Home by Ilse Crawford. Laura and I both love to give this book to friends as a housewarming gift!

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