Enhance Your Life by Enhancing the Front Entrance of Your Home

The front entrance to your home is where first impressions are made, the location where visitors are welcomed and the first place you see whenever you come home.

In Feng Shui it also believed that your front door is where all the energy that circulates through your home enters bringing abundance, new opportunities and vitality. It is therefore important to make your front entrance as appealing and inviting as possible.

There is no better time than the beginning of spring to enhance your front entrance. Clearing away debris from a long winter, potting plants and adding outdoor lights are all great ways to start.

Nine tips to enhance your front entrance:

1) Clear away the debris that may have accumulated on your front yard after a long winter. Make sure the path to your front door is clear of obstacles such as fallen tree limbs or overgrown bushes. You do not want your guests or vital energy to encounter any obstructions when trying to reach your front door.

2) Be sure the pathway to your door is in good repair. Are stepping-stones loose or cracked? If so, be sure to make those repairs as soon as possible. If you do not have a path to your door consider creating one by adding stepping-stones or defining a path with flowerbeds. A well-defined path is an excellent way to direct your guests, as well as energy, to your front entrance.

3) Add potted plants or flowers on either side of your front door. The plants will accentuate the entrance, which is particularly good for hidden or recessed doorways.

4) Brighten your front entrance with lights. Add a light on either side or above your door. Also consider lighting the edge of the path to your door with small solar lights. This will lead your guests right to your front entrance as well as ensure everyone’s safety.

5) Make sure your door is well marked. Is your street or apartment number visible from the street or do people have to search to find the entrance to your home? By clearly marking your front door, you are not only helping people find your home, you are signaling to the world that you welcome new opportunities and abundance into your home and into your life.

6) Consider painting your door. In Feng Shui the color red is frequently painted on doors to draw energy to the home. If you don’t want to paint your door, hang a wreath or consider choosing brightly colored flowers for your flowerbeds and pots to attract energy to your home.

7) Be sure your doorbell works and can be heard throughout your home. If you don’t like the sound of your doorbell consider changing the doorbell with a chime or bell. If your doorbell is broken, repair it as soon as possible. A broken doorbell is symbolic of missed opportunities.

8 ) Make sure your front door can open at least 90 degrees without hitting any obstructions such as shoes or furniture. The space just inside your front door should be free of clutter.

9) What’s the first thing you and your guests see when you enter the front door? Be sure whatever greets you is beautiful and peaceful. If you can, create a foyer by adding a table with a mirror or artwork above it. Keep fresh flowers on the table so you are always greeted by beauty and pleasing smells. If you don’t have space for a table hang your favorite piece of artwork or photograph on the wall where you will see it whenever you enter your home. A pleasing entryway will lift your spirits every time you leave and come home – a great way to start and finish your day.

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