Bringing the Energy of Your Vacation Home

A Room at the Eco-friendly Xinalani Yoga Resort

I’ve just returned from an amazing yoga retreat at an eco-friendly resort in Mexico. The beautiful surroundings, the healthy and delicious food, the strong yoga practice, and the wonderful people I met made the trip an experience that truly inspired me. But now that I’m home and slipping back into my everyday life, I can see just how quickly the energy and inspiration from my vacation could dissipate among my daily routines and hectic schedule.

Rocks on the beach in Mexico…

Often when we travel we see things differently and gain perspective on our current situation and many times this new way of seeing our life and/or the world inspires us to make necessary changes. Have you ever been on a vacation and come back with a new outlook on life? Taken a trip and been inspired to make a change? What happens when you come home? Do you retain your new outlook and follow through on the change or do you return to old habits and lose the inspiration or clarity you connected with so strongly on your vacation? It’s easy to return home and slip back to old habits and routines and forget the feelings and dismiss the insights we had while away. This is because we may have changed on vacation but our homes did not. In other words, our energy has shifted, but our home still reflects our previous values and holds our past patterns in place. A great way to retain the inspiration we gain on vacation is to make changes in our homes that reflect our new state-of-mind.

Below are a few tips to anchor new perspectives/realizations in your home:

Trust your intuition: it is important to follow through (or at least seriously consider) the ideas that you had on vacation. When we are out of the energy of our usual surroundings we often get clarity. Don’t’ dismiss your musings and daydreams—they are often filled with true inspiration and grace. If you felt it was really important to move your bed or you were inspired to paint a room a different color- trust this insight and go for it. If you were called to reconnect with an old friend or keep thinking about a certain book—follow through. If you felt it was important to make a major life change like end a relationship or start a new career—really consider these possibilities. Take an action step and change something, otherwise it is easy to slip right back into old patterns.

Write down your intentions and insights: One simple yet powerful way to capture and anchor your new perspective it to write down all the things you thought about it—from seemingly little things like cleaning out a closet to larger life goals. The physical process of writing it on paper down takes it one step into reality.

Display photos and souvenirs: When on vacation try to take photos or find a souvenir that will remind you of the moment of inspiration or feeling you had on your trip. When you return home, place the souvenirs or photos somewhere prominent to remind you of your experience while away. Perhaps it’s sand from a beach where you watched a sunset, a rock from a hike, colorful fabric from a marketplace, or photos of people or places—whatever it is, consciously place it in your home as a reminder of the shift you experienced on vacation.

Rocks from the retreat remind me of the trip and carry the energy of the beach.

Make a visualization board: A visualization board is typically a collage of inspirational images, and sometimes words, that you tape or glue to a poster board. Go through magazines or photos from your trip and pull out any images that speak to your new state-of-mind or the change you’d like to see in your life. Arrange and then paste them on the board and display it in your home. One of my teachers once suggested taking the board to a copy store and reducing its size when Xeroxing so it’s small enough to fit in your wallet. It’s great to pull it out throughout the day or whenever you need a reminder of your vision.

Move 27 things: In Feng Shui, it is a well known saying to “move 27 things to change your life.” By moving things around you are shifting the energy in your environment and making a statement that you are ready for change—you are, to use another common saying, shaking things up! So even if you did not receive concrete guidance as to how to make a change- moving things will affirm that you do not want things as they were before and that you are open to change. You may add the intention that you would like the change to be sweet and joyful.

Give Yourself A Day To Transition: One of my fellow travelers told me she always returns from her vacations a day before she starts work so she isn’t jumping into her daily routines immediately. I think this is a wonderful idea— a “transition day” allows you to ease back into your routine while allowing you to reflect on your trip and perhaps implement a few of the above the tips.

I am so grateful for my experience and excited to see how the inspiration from the retreat will be infused into my everyday life. Happy travels!

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To learn more about the eco-friendly yoga retreat resort in Mexico, Xinalani, click here. My retreat was with the fabulous Los Angeles based Vinnie Marino, to learn more about Vinnie or his retreats click here.


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