Change Your View

Often when we are having difficulty solving a problem it helps to have a new perspective. When we look at the issue from a different vantage point we can easily see solutions that we may not have seen before—or at least perceive the situation differently which can change our whole attitude. Addressing the various views in our home (or lack of views) can have a similar transformative effect. Below are several different ways we can change our view, and possibly our attitude, at home.

Look out your windows: In many ways the windows in our homes are our “eyes to the world.” If we look at our homes as extensions of our bodies, then the windows are our eyes. Windows represent our view of the world and how we feel about others and the world around us. To improve your view, start by cleaning your windows to make sure you have clear vision. Then check the views from various windows. Ideally, our homes would be situated with the protective embrace of a mountain behind us and a long vista ahead of us like open plains or water. This view is hardwired into our DNA as a “safe” place because we can see any potential threats long before they get to us. This view has been found to reduce stress. But if you don’t have this ideal, extraordinary view (as neither of us, and most people, don’t) then you need to create the best view you can.

Hide less than excellent views: If your window faces a brick wall or something unsightly, use sheer curtains or bottom up shades to hide the eye sore, but still let in sunlight. You could also use plants such as fast growing bamboo to act as screen. If your windows have bars on them try growing Jasmine, potato vine, or any climbing plant along the bars. Also consider painting the bars an attractive color or a color that blends with the view.

Create a view: Plant a garden or a tree, re-landscape, or put a flower box on your windowsill. You could also place a fountain or wall fountain outside your window or on a balcony or patio. If you do not have outdoor space, use art to create a view. Consider a landscape that depicts the ideal view mentioned above, or a seascape with a horizon. Any uplifting art with depth will give you a sense of expansion.

Multiply existing views: Maximize on any views you do have by using mirrors to reflect the view and create an additional “window.” This will give you a more expanded sense of your world and can give us a feeling of infinite possibilities.

Check in with your view from the bed: Whatever you see from your bed is the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning, so make sure you like what you see. This view can have a powerful impact on how you feel about your life. If you face a bathroom make sure you keep the door closed at night. Whether it is art, a photograph, treasured objects or flowers create something inspirational to look at from your bed.

Enhance your view from the dining table or places you spend lots of time: We want to feel relaxed and comfortable when we eat. Of course a view of a bathroom is not appetizing, so just as you would in the bedroom, close the door! Plants, objects from nature, bowls fruit on a console are all appetizing views. Wherever you spend a great deal of time, make sure you have a positive outlook. For example, create an empowering view from your desk. Having an expansive view from your office chair may make you feel powerful. Or having a peaceful view, may make you feel more focused.

Use a view to support relationships: If you do not get along with your neighbors, “change” your view of them by changing your view of their home. Plant trees along the property line, repair the fence and grow climbing roses to sweeten your opinion about your neighbors. If you are having a conflict with a colleague, place a picture of the two of you celebrating the fruits of your combined efforts near your desk. If you have children and they’re not getting along, place a happy picture of the two of them in each of their rooms.

If you can’t change it, reframe it: If there is nothing you can do to change the view simply train yourself to look at it differently. For example, instead of thinking of a brick wall as an obstruction, think of it as protection. Choose to perceive the view in a new, positive light.

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